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Used Juniper Reseller, Vendor and Distributor

Used Juniper equipment in warehouse

Used Juniper Reseller, Vendor and Distributor

BrightStar Systems offers a wide variety of used Juniper routers and switches. As a non-affiliated independent used Juniper reseller, we stock and resell pre-owned surplus Juniper routers, switches, and optics, including many end-of-life products that are no longer available for direct purchasing.

From products best suited for mid-sized enterprise uses to supplies designed for large-scale data centers and service providers, BrightStar Systems is the Juniper distributor that has you covered.

There are several benefits to purchasing pre-owned Juniper routers and switches from BrightStar Systems; not only is it a more cost-effective solution, but every one of our products is thoroughly tested to ensure it’s operating at a high-performance level.

You also can expect your order to ship fast and arrive safely, no matter where you’re located. And once your order is delivered, our support team is here to help answer any questions you may have regarding the setup, installation and operation of all networking products.

This page provides details on some of the used Juniper product series we have available for purchase. If you have questions about a specific pre-owned Juniper router or switch, please contact us today.

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What Separates Us From Other Juniper Vendors?

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to buying or selling used Juniper equipment.

BrightStar Systems is one of the largest Juniper vendors of pre-owned networking equipment in the world. We specialize in acquiring and reselling pre-owned Juniper hardware to medium and large-scale service providers, hosting companies and mid-to-large-sized enterprises.

With a collection of 45+ years in the networking business, our industry expertise makes it simple to provide you with high-quality, innovative solutions that aren’t just reliable but also cost-effective. At this time, we service more than 1,400 customers spread across 50 different countries.

As an expert Juniper networks reseller, we stock an extensive inventory of pre-owned switches, routers, gateways and optics. And with thousands of parts ready to ship, we can get your order out the same day. Not only that, but our sales team can offer you used Juniper equipment at up to 95% of the retail price.

When you work with BrightStar Systems, you get exceptional guarantees. We extensively test our used Juniper products with our custom 9-Point Quality Control and Testing Process. And because we are so confident in the integrity of our pre-owned products, we even offer a 1-Year In-House Warranty.

Whether you need help determining which products to purchase or you have follow-up questions after making a purchase, our support team is standing by, ready to assist you.

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A Juniper Reseller Offering Best-in-class Routers, Switches and Gateways

Juniper Networks is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. The company produces routers, switches, security products and network management software.

Juniper has been around since 1996 when it was established by Pradeep Sindhu. Prior to starting this networking company, Sindhu worked for more than ten years at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center.

Today, Juniper Networks operates in over 100 countries and is the third largest market shareholder of Internet service provider (ISP) switches and routers. Juniper announced its 2026 Olympic partnership for the Paralympic Winter Games in Milano — offering a dependable, real-time, and AI-Native Networking Platform that provides secure connectivity and safeguarding of digital assets. 

The Juniper AI-native networking platform uses artificial intelligence to automate and streamline network management, significantly reducing operational complexity. It provides proactive insights and real-time analytics to enhance network performance, security, and user experience.

Juniper continues to succeed and grow because of the wide range of high-quality networking products it offers for operations of all sizes. The fact Juniper devices remain operable long after their end-of-life date is a testament to their quality and durability.

Why Choose BrightStar Systems as your Juniper Vendor?

At BrightStar Systems, we are proud to stock used Juniper products, ranging from its early days’ M Series Edge Routers, to today’s popular MX Series, which includes devices that span the entire spectrum of networking needs — from compact 2 rack unit (RU) devices, to massive 45 RU devices that support incredibly high port densities and that can be customized to your operation’s every need.

Whether you’re looking for end-of-life devices that can no longer be bought directly or you’re simply looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade, replace, or decommission your existing equipment, we are the Juniper vendor that has you covered.

Used Juniper MX Series Edge Routers

Our pre-owned Juniper MX Series products include several models of edge routers suitable for every networking environment, including mid-to-large enterprises, data centers and service providers.

Juniper MX Series router sizes range from 2 RU to 42 RU, and the maximum capacity of the units ranges from 40 Gbps in the MX5, the smallest model, up to 80 Tbps in the MX2020, the largest model.

The MX Series’ entry-level router models, including the MX5, MX10, MX40 and MX80 are all 2U, fixed-port devices which operate with Modular Interface Cards (MIC). The small footprint of these models allows for a higher density of routers in facilities with limited networking space.

Although the MX5, MX10, MX40 and MX80 are all the same size, each one is preloaded with a different port configuration. The MX5 includes one MIC slot; the MX10 includes two MIC slots; the MX40 includes two MIC slots and two 10G Ethernet ports, and the MX80 includes two MIC slots and four 10G Ethernet ports. All these models, in addition to the slightly larger MX104, support up to 10G Ethernet.

Following the MX104 are the MX Series’ modular routers, including the MX240, MX204 the MX480, the MX960, the MX2008, the MX2010 and the MX2020.

The MX204, with its compact size and high performance, is ideal for environments requiring 100G Ethernet support with a smaller footprint. The MX204 supports four 100G Ethernet ports and a total throughput of up to 800 Gbps, making it a powerful option for high-density environments. It also features advanced routing capabilities and is designed to support growing network demands efficiently.

As the model number in this series increases, so does the size, speed and the number of supported Modular Port Concentrators (MPC), which hold multiple MICs, all the way up to the MX2020 router which supports 20 MPC slots. The MX240 model through the MX2020 model all support 100G Ethernet.

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Pre-Owned Juniper M Series Edge Routers

BrightStar Systems’ used Juniper hardware inventory spans all the way back to the first product the company ever produced, the M40, which is a Juniper M Series router. In addition to the M40, the M Series lineup includes the M20, the M7i, the M10i, the M120 and the M320.

The sizes of the Juniper M Series routers range from 2 RU in the M7i up to 20 RU in the M320, and the maximum capacity of the routers starts at 4 Gbps and increases to 320 Gbps. Both the M7i and M10i models support 1G Ethernet and the M120 and M320 support up to 10G Ethernet.

The Flexible PIC Concentrator (FPC), which holds multiple Physical Interface Cards (PIC), on the M7i router is fixed, which means it cannot be swapped out for another FPC. The two FPCs are also fixed on the M10i. The FPCs on the M120 and M320 are removable and can be swapped out.

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Used and Surplus J Series Routers

There are four different models in the Juniper J Series, the J2320, the J2350, the J4350 and the J6350. All of the J Series routers are compact sizes; the J2320 is 1 RU; the J2350 is 1.5 RU, and both the J4350 and the J6350 are 2 RU. All four models support 1G Ethernet and have four built-in 1G Ethernet slots.

The biggest difference between the Juniper J Series router models is the number of Physical Interface Module (PIM) slots. The J2320 has three modular interface slots; the J2350 has five modular interface slots, and the J4350 and J6350 both have six slots. All the J Series routers are built with a modular design, meaning the PIMs can all be swapped out.

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Pre-owned Juniper E Series Routers

Juniper E Series routers include seven models, comprised of the ERX310, the ERX705, the ERX710, the ERX1410 and the ERX1440, as well as the E120 and the E320. All five ERX models support 1G Ethernet, and the E120 and E320 models support up to 10G Ethernet.

The ERX310 is the smallest of the five ERX models; you can fit up to 14 of those chassis in one seven-foot rack. The ERX1410 and ERX1440 are the two biggest models; you can fit only three of those chassis in one seven-foot rack. A seven-foot rack can hold six E120 routers and three E320 routers.

The higher performing Juniper E Series models in this series feature more slots used for line modules, which can easily be switched out with one another. The ERX310 has three slots; the ERX705 and ERX710 models both have seven slots, and the ERX1410 and ERX1440 models have 14 slots. The E120 has slots for up to six line modules and the E320 can hold up to 12 line modules.

Contact BrightStar Systems today to find out which used Juniper routers we currently have in stock.

Used Juniper EX Series Switches

The Juniper EX Series is made up of nine switch models, all of which are only 1 RU in size, except for the high-end EX9200. The EX9200 is 16 RU.

The lower-end Juniper EX Series switches in this series, including the EX2200, the EX2300, the EX3300, the EX3400, the EX4200 and the EX4300 are fixed-access switches available in 24 or 48 port options that support 1G Ethernet. The EX4550 is also a fixed-access switch, but it supports up to 10G Ethernet.

The EX4600 model has both fixed and modular components and supports up to 40G Ethernet. The ports on these models can be configured to include a variety of 1G, 10G and 40G Ethernet options.

The EX4400 is a high-performance, cloud-ready switch that supports advanced security and management features, making it ideal for enterprise campus and data center deployments. It offers up to 25G Ethernet and provides enhanced Layer 2 and Layer 3 capabilities.

The EX4650 delivers high scalability and performance with support for up to 100G Ethernet, designed for data centers and cloud environments. It includes advanced telemetry and automation features for simplified network operations.

The EX9200 is the premier model of the EX Series. It’s built with a modular design, which allows for more flexibility, scalability and port configurations. The EX9200 is available in three different chassis, the EX9204, the EX9208 and the EX2014, all of which support up to 100G Ethernet.

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Pre-Owned Juniper QFX Series Switches

The switches in the Juniper QFX Series feature the highest performing capabilities and specifications.

The Juniper QFX Series switches are available in three different sub-series, the QFX5100, the QFX5200 and the QFX10000. All QFX5100 models, except for the QFX5100-96S, which is 2 RU in size, are only 1 RU in size. The QFX10000 sub-series, which is available in four models, the QFX10002-36Q, the QFX10002-72Q, the QFX10008 and the QFX10016, are 2 RU, 2 RU, 13 RU and 21 RU, respectively.

Most of the switches in the QFX Series are designed with a fixed-configuration, with the exception of the QFX10008 and the QFX10016, which feature modular designs.

  • The QFX5100 is available in seven models, including two more powerful QFX5110 models that support 100G Ethernet. The five original QFX5100 models offer a variety of port configurations and speeds that max out at 40G Ethernet. The QFX5200 is designed as a fixed switch that supports up to 100G Ethernet.
  • The QFX5120 offers various models with high-density 10G, 25G, and 100G interfaces. It supports advanced features like EVPN-VXLAN for data center deployments and is designed for low latency and high throughput, making it suitable for both leaf and spine architectures.
  • The QFX5130 is optimized for high performance and scalability in data center and campus environments. It supports 100G Ethernet and offers versatile port configurations for flexible connectivity. Additionally, it features enhanced security and automation capabilities, making it ideal for modern enterprise needs.
  • The QFX5200 line of access switches is designed for leaf deployments in next-generation IP fabrics, featuring line-rate, high-density SFP28/QSFP+/QSFP28 ports supporting various speeds from 10GbE to 100GbE. With advanced Layer 2, Layer 3, and MPLS capabilities, the QFX5200 enables network operators to construct scalable, high-performance IP fabrics optimized for both enterprise and cloud environments.

The biggest factor that separates the four QFX10000 models is a fixed versus modular configuration. Both the QFX10008 and QFX10016 feature modular designs, whereas the two QFX10002 models are fixed switches. The QFX10002-72Q essentially has twice the port density of the QFX10002-36Q.

The QFX10008 and QFX10016 are capable of much greater port densities than the two fixed switches within this sub-series; the biggest model supports up to 480 100G Ethernet ports, 576 40G Ethernet ports or 2,034 10G Ethernet ports.

These models further enhance Juniper’s QFX Series, providing tailored solutions for various networking requirements.

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Used and Surplus Juniper SRX Series Firewall Devices

The Juniper SRX Series is made up of firewall products, which are used for security purposes.

The gateways in the Juniper SRX Series firewall lineup cover a wide range of security needs, including solutions for enterprises, large-scale data centers and service providers.

There are a total of 12 different sub-series, including the following:

The entry-level model, the SRX110, supports up to 700 Mbps firewall and features 65 Mbps VPN performance. It can handle up to 32,000 concurrent user sessions.

The most advanced model, the SRX5800, supports up to 320 Gbps firewall and has a 200 Gbps VPN performance. It also can take on 230 million concurrent user sessions.

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Pre-owned Optical Transceivers and Cables Compatible With a Wide Range of Juniper Devices

As one of the most trusted used Juniper distributors, BrightStar Systems also offers a full range of Juniper optical transceivers and cables that are compatible with used Juniper hardware.

We have a variety of Juniper CFP and CFP2 optical transceivers for your networking applications. Additionally, we stock used Juniper SFP and SFP+ — small form-factor pluggable transceiver modules — that are primarily used in data communications and telecommunications.

You can also explore our inventory of Juniper QSFP transceivers and our selection of used Juniper XFP models, which allows you to break out high-speed connections into multiple 10G Ethernet channels.

Browse our used Juniper optical transceivers and cables to complete your network. If you are unsure what models are compatible with your equipment, talk to one of our experienced team members.

For more information on our used Juniper products, contact us today.

And to learn more about our sales process, check out our guide to buying pre-owned network equipment. And to find out how to get the most value when you sell your used hardware, read our selling pre-owned networking equipment guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Juniper software is used for managing, securing, and optimizing networks. It provides solutions for network automation, performance monitoring, threat detection, and policy enforcement across diverse IT environments.

Juniper is best known for its high-performance networking hardware, particularly its routers and switches, as well as its advanced cybersecurity solutions.

Juniper competes with major networking and cybersecurity companies such as Cisco, Arista Networks, Huawei, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

In comparing Juniper and Cisco, Juniper excels in high-performance networking and innovative security, while Cisco offers a comprehensive range of solutions and extensive support. The choice depends on specific organizational needs and priorities.

Juniper AI leverages artificial intelligence to enhance network management and security. It automates network operations, predicts and resolves issues, and improves overall performance and user experience.

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