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Arista Switches

720X Series

Arista 720XP Series

The Arista 720XP series includes a variety of compact switches designed for campus environments.  They are available in a variety of different configurations.

DCS-7060PX5-64E-F , CCS-720XP-24Y6-2F , CCS-720XP-24Y6-F , CCS-720XP-24ZY4-2F , CCS-720XP-24ZY4-F , CCS-720XP-48Y6-2F , CCS-720XP-48Y6-F , CCS-720XP-48ZC2-2F , CCS-720XP-48ZC2-F , CCS-720XP-96ZC2-2F , CCS-720XP-96ZC2-4F , DCS-7280CR2-60-DC-F ,DCS-7280CR3-32D4-F , DCS-7280CR3-32P4-F , DCS-7280CR3-36S-F , DCS-7280CR3-96-F ,DCS-7280CR3K-32D4-F , DCS-7280CR3K-32D4A-F ,DCS-7280CR3K-32P4-F , DCS-7280CR3K-36A-F ,DCS-7280CR3K-36S-F , DCS-7280CR3K-96-F, DCS-7280PR3-24-F , DCS-7280PR3K-24-F, DCS-7050CX3-32S-D-F, DCS-7050CX3-32S-D-R, DCS-7050CX4-24D8-Fm DCS-7050CX4M-48D8-F, DCS-7050DX4-32S-F, DCS-7050DX4M-32S-F, DCS-7050SDX4-48D8-F, DCS-7050SPX4-48D8-F

7280 Series

Arista 7280 (Arista 7280R) Series Switches for Sale

Arista 7280 Switches Are Compact, High-speed Networking Devices The Arista 7280 Series is comprised of several devices that are suitable for some of the most demanding networking environments, including cloud computing and data centers. Arista 7280 switches span a wide range of specifications, giving you plenty of options to choose ...


7150 Series

Arista 7150 Switches

Pre-owned Arista 7150 Switches: An Efficient 1G/10G Ethernet Solution Arista 7150 Series switches are compact, low-latency devices designed to take on the most demanding networking applications, including cloud computing, high-performance computing (HPC), financial trading and a wide variety of Web 2.0 applications. We offer great prices on all the pre-owned ...

Arista Switches DCS-7150S-52-CL

7050X Series

Arista 7050X Switches

Arista 7050X Switches Are High-density Devices with a Compact Design The Arista 7050X Series offers a wide range of 10G and 40G Ethernet solutions. The diversity of port configurations available in Arista 7050X switches makes it easy to find the perfect switch for any application, including both high-density and high-speed ...

Arista Switches DCS-7050SX3-48C8-R, DCS-7050SX3-48C8-R, DCS-7050SX3-48C8-R

7050 Series

Arista 7050 Series Switches

Arista Switches DCS-7050T-64-F

7060X Series

Arista 7060X Switches for Sale

Although 7060X and 7060X2 switches are designed with fixed ports, they’re compatible with several optical transceivers, which offers a level of flexibility not often available on fixed-configuration switches. We offer great prices on used Arista 7060X and Arista 7060X2 switches. On top of that, we do everything we can to ...

Arista Switches DCS-7060SX2-48YC6-R

7160 Series

Arista 7160 Switches

Used Arista 7160 Switches Offer a Flexible, Fixed-configuration Networking Solution The Arista 7160 Series is comprised of high-performing Ethernet switches designed primarily for data centers, but they’re also great for large-scale enterprises. These are powerful, compact switches with a high port density, making them perfect if you’re looking to buy ...

Arista Switches DCS-7160-32CQ-R

7260X Series

7260X Series

Arista Switches DCS-7260QX-64-F

7010 Series

7010 Series

The Arista 7010 provides a high performance, power efficient solution for dense data center deployment. The Arista 7010 series switch implements line rate switching at layers two and three to deliver simplified network structures for data centers that greatly diminishes overall cost and operational expenses. When combined with the Arista ...

Arista Switches DCS-7010T-48-F

7020R Series

7020R Series

Arista Switches DCS-7020TR-48-R

7250X Series

Arista 7250X Switches

Arista 7250 Switches Are a Spline Architecture Solution Arista is known for its compact high-density Ethernet switches, and the Arista 7250 is a prime example of why. In fact, the Arista 7250X Series offers the best 10G/40G Ethernet port density in a 2 rack unit (RU) device in the world, ...

Arista Switches DCS-7250QX-64#