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Arista 7250X Switches



Arista 7250, 64xQSFP+ switch, SSD, no fans, no psu (requires fans and psu)



Arista 7250, 64xQSFP+ switch, rear-to-front airflow and dual 1100W AC power supplies



# Arista 7250, 64xQSFP+ switch, no fans, no psu (requires fans and psu)

Arista 7250 Switches Are a Spline Architecture Solution

Arista is known for its compact high-density Ethernet switches, and the Arista 7250 is a prime example of why. In fact, the Arista 7250X Series offers the best 10G/40G Ethernet port density in a 2 rack unit (RU) device in the world, making it one of the best switches to buy in bulk.

Fortunately, BrightStar Systems offers great prices on used Arista 7250 switches. And, since it’s an incredibly flexible switch, you may also need to buy breakout cables and optics. We have you covered there, too; check out all the Arista cables and optics we stock.

In addition to selling pre-owned 7250X Series switches, we buy used 7250 switches. But we get selling used networking equipment can be a lot of work, which is why we do everything we can to help you make it happen and to make sure you get the best value for your equipment.

Arista 7250X Series Specifications

The Arista 7250X Series is comprised of only one model: the Arista 7250QX-64. It includes 64 QSFP+ ports that support up to 40G Ethernet. But each of those ports can be broken out into four 10G Ethernet connections, which translates into 256 connections of 10G Ethernet.

The Arista 7250 has a maximum capacity of 5 Tbps.

One other specification to note on the device is its buffer: it has a dynamic buffer allocation of 48 Mbps, which helps decongest ports when they’re overloaded.

However, just because there’s only one model doesn’t mean the Arista 7250 lacks flexibility. In fact, the 7250X can even help you simplify your network’s architecture.

The 7250X is considered an Arista Spline switch — because of the high-density 10G and 40G Ethernet ports supported on these devices, they’re capable of replacing the more traditional spine-leaf architecture with a single-tier network architecture. This is known as the Spline.

In a spine-leaf architecture, there are spine devices — often high-performance modular chassis — and leaf devices — often compact, fixed-configuration devices. A Spline architecture, however, utilizes devices with spine and leaf features, reducing the need for both.

Buy Used Arista 7250 Switches From an Experienced Networking Vendor

We offer excellent prices on Arista 7250 switches. We have more than 45 years of collective experience in the networking hardware industry. During that time, we’ve built relationships with Fortune 500 companies with large-scale networks, as well as service providers.

These relationships enable us to buy pre-owned 7250X switches in bulk from all over the world. And when we get a good price on used equipment we buy you also get a great deal.

You can be sure that all the devices you buy from us are in peak condition as well. We use a 9-Point Quality Control and Testing Process. During that process, we inspect each device for physical damage and we hook up each port to make sure it’s performing properly.

On the off chance they’re not, that’s OK; every piece of equipment we sell includes BrightStar Systems’ 1-year, In-house Warranty, which covers repairs, exchanges and refunds.

Take Advantage of Your Existing Pre-owned Arista 7250 Switches

Don’t make the mistake of undervaluing your used network equipment. Even if it’s been in storage for a while, as long as it’s operable, we’ll offer top dollar to take it off your hands.

We buy pre-owned networking equipment in bulk from hosting companies, service providers and cable operators from all over the world. And, no matter where you’re located, we’ll always cover the shipping cost associated with sending us your pre-owned networking equipment.

In fact, if you’re looking to sell your Arista 7250 switches in bulk, we’ll even help you set up freight pickup. That way, all you have to worry about is packing up the hardware you’re shipping.

Make Sure You Get Paid for Your Used Arista Switches

If you’re looking to sell used networking equipment, getting paid is going to play a big role in determining which networking vendor you work with. Fortunately, when you work with an experienced networking vendor like BrightStar Systems, you’ll get paid, fast.

At BrightStar Systems, we do everything we can to ensure you’re able to pay for the used Arista switches you buy from us and that you receive payment for devices you sell us as soon as possible. In fact, we can pay in advance via credit for any used networking equipment we buy.

Once you send us a detailed list of all the devices you’d like to sell, we’ll send you a quote back. After we’ve settled on a price, we’ll go ahead and make the payment. As long as all the devices we receive pass our quality control test the entirety of the payment is yours to keep.

If you have any questions about the pre-owned Arista 7250 switches we sell, or if you’re ready to get the buying or selling process underway, please contact us today. If Arista 7250X Series switches aren’t what you’re looking for, check out the other used Arista hardware we sell.

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