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Used Juniper MX Series Routers for Sale

Pre-owned Juniper MX Series 3D universal edge routers are available to buy in more than a dozen models and are designed to operate in almost any networking environment. Whether you’re looking for enterprise, data center or service provider solutions, BrightStar Systems can supply you with high-quality used Juniper MX Series routers that fit your needs.

Interface Cards

Interface Cards



Pre-Owned Juniper MX10

Pre-Owned MX10 Routers Combine Simplicity and Versatility Pre-owned Juniper MX10 routers are a step above Juniper’s entry-level MX5 routers. MX10 routers are designed for enterprise and service provider networking environments, just like the MX5 router. The MX10, however, outperforms the MX5 in almost every way. The MX10 Router Offers More ...

Juniper Routers/Switches MX-Series MX10-T-AC


Pre-Owned Juniper MX10003 for Sale

The number of ports and supported Ethernet speeds on the MX10003 make it a great long-term networking solution as it provides extensive flexibility, and it does so without requiring a lot of space. Despite the size of the MX10003, its specifications are comparable to some of the most high-performing MX ...

Juniper Routers/Switches MX-Series JNP-PWR1100-DC


Pre-Owned Juniper MX104 Routers for Sale

Juniper MX104 Routers Offer Versatility for 1G and 10G Ethernet Networks The specification that separates the Juniper MX104 router from other fixed-configuration MX Series routers is Modular Interface Card (MIC) slots. Pre-owned MX104 routers have four MIC slots, which is more than any other MX Series fixed-configuration router. In addition ...



Pre-Owned Juniper MX150

Used Surplus Juniper MX150 Routers are a Compact Solution for Low-bandwidth Environments Pre-owned Juniper MX150 routers are designed with a small footprint that allows for a maximized use of rack space in low-bandwidth enterprise and service provider networking environments. The MX150 router is one of several in-stock used Juniper MX ...

Juniper Routers/Switches MX-Series MX150



Juniper Routers/Switches MX-Series MX2020-BASE-DC


Juniper MX204 Routers for Sale

Juniper MX204 Routers Are High Performing Fixed-configuration Devices The Juniper MX204 offers scalability and speed in units specifically designed for high-intensity computing environments with limited network hardware space. The MX204 is the top-of-the-line fixed-configuration router of the Juniper MX Series. It’s also the only fixed-configuration router in the MX Series ...

Juniper Routers/Switches MX-Series JNP204-CHAS


Pre-Owned Juniper MX240 for Sale

Used MX240 Routers Offer Flexible Port Configurations in a Compact Body The Juniper MX240 router shares many baseline features with other modular MX Series routers, while keeping the size comparatively small at only 5 rack units (RU). One of those features is the use of Modular Port Concentrators (MPC) as ...



Pre-Owned Juniper MX480 Routers for Sale

Although it’s only the second most-powerful MX Series modular router, it’s substantially more powerful than the entry-level modular router. But it’s also nearly twice as big, requiring more space in networking facilities. The MX480 is a Significant Step Up from the Entry-level Modular MX Series Router Juniper MX480 routers are ...


Pre-Owned Juniper MX5 for Sale

Used Juniper MX5 Routers Offer a Simple Solution for 1G Ethernet Networks The MX5 is equipped with the most basic specifications of all used Juniper MX Series routers, although it shares a few features with higher-performing MX Series routers. It’s 2 rack units (RU) in size, and is designed as ...

Juniper Routers/Switches MX-Series CHAS-MX5-T-S


Pre-Owned Juniper MX80 Routers for Sale

The MX80 is the Most Powerful of All MX Series Routers That Are 2 RU in Size The MX80 router is the highest-performing router measuring 2 rack units (RU) in the MX Series. Like several other routers in the MX Series, the MX80 is designed as a fixed-configuration router, but ...

Juniper Routers/Switches MX-Series PWR-MX80-AC-S


Pre-Owned Juniper MX960 Routers for Sale

Used MX960 Routers Feature a Large Frame with Powerful Specifications Pre-owned Juniper MX960 routers are a long-term solution for advanced networking applications. It’s large size, 16 rack units (RU), allows it to support up to 12 Modular Port Concentrators (MPC). Each MPC holds multiple Modular Interface Cards (MIC), which are ...

Juniper Routers/Switches MX-Series PWR-MX960-AC-R

As a non-affiliated independent dealer, we stock and resell used surplus Juniper MX Series routers, in addition to other pre-owned Juniper router series that include some end-of-life products that are no longer available for direct purchasing. Read on to find out more about our wide selection of used Juniper MX Series routers and how the series separates itself from other spare Juniper router series.

BrightStar Systems Specializes in Several Pre-owned Juniper MX Series Models

We supply a variety of used Juniper MX Series routers, but there are a some specific models that we specialize in, including the MX5, MX10, MX80, MX104, MX240, MX480 and MX960. Below are more detailed specifications for each of those models:

  • MX5: This model is 2 RU (rack units), and it supports 10G Ethernet. It has a fixed-port configuration, and it includes one Modular Interface Card (MIC) slot.
  • MX10: This model is 2 RU, and it supports 10G Ethernet. It has a fixed-port configuration, and it includes two MIC slots.
  • MX80: This model is 2 RU, and it support 10G Ethernet. It has a fixed-port configuration, and it includes two MIC slots and two 10G Ethernet ports.
  • MX104: This model is is 3.5 RU, and it supports 10G Ethernet. It is a fixed-configuration router that includes four MIC slots and four 10G Ethernet ports.
  • MX240: This model is 5 RU, and it supports 100G Ethernet. It is designed as a modular chassis that includes two Modular Port Concentrators (MPC), which have multiple MIC slots.
  • MX480: This model is 8 RU, and it supports 100G Ethernet. It is designed as a modular chassis that includes six Modular Port Concentrators (MPC), which have multiple MIC slots.
  • MX960: This model is 16 RU, and it supports 100G Ethernet. It is designed as a modular chassis that includes 11 Modular Port Concentrators (MPC), which have multiple MIC slots.

In addition to those models, we stock other spare Juniper MX Series routers, including the MX40, the MX150, the MX204, the MX2008, the MX2010, the MX2020 and the MX10003.

There are Several Benefits to Purchasing Used Surplus Juniper MX Series Routers

The MX Series is the most diverse and comprehensive line of pre-owned Juniper edge routers. In terms of the number of different hardware models, the MX Series includes 14 models compared with only 4 and 6 models in the J Series and M Series, respectfully.

Used Juniper MX Series routers – particularly the bigger MX Series models – also are available in more sizes and offer more port configurations than J Series and M Series routers, which allows greater flexibility and scalability. The largest model of the J Series and M Series is only 20 RU compared with the biggest MX Series router, the MX2020, which requires at least 45 RU to mount. And, whereas J Series and M Series routers support up to only 10G Ethernet, several pre-owned Juniper MX Series routers support Ethernet speeds of up to 100G.

Another benefit of purchasing spare Juniper MX Series routers is that you’re getting the latest hardware available. That means you get to use the most up-to-date features and you’ll get more life out of the routers. Not only that, but tracking down specific parts and upgrading hardware are made easier because parts for newer machines are in greater supply.

Review Datasheets and Our Pre-owned Juniper MX Series Price Lists Before Making a Purchase

At BrightStar Systems, we want to be sure you receive our high-performing used surplus Juniper MX Series routers in great condition, but we also want to be sure you have access to proper resources to help you make the best purchase possible. That’s why we’ve put together pre-owned Juniper MX Series datasheets and MX Series PDFs for you to review.

In our datasheets, you’ll find in-depth specifications, as well as used Juniper MX Series prices for each model, which can be used to determine which Juniper routers will work best for you. Detailed datasheets are the best way to compare pre-owned Juniper MX Series routers in order to make sure the networking hardware you purchase is right for the job.

For more information on our pre-owned Juniper MX Series routers and to find out which models we have in stock, contact one of our sales representatives today.