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Advantages of Upgrading to a Juniper MX204 Router

The Juniper MX204 is a router optimized for Ethernet and is suitable for companies with one branch or large data centers. It provides carrier-class and switching Ethernet routing, VPN, next-gen broadband multiplay service, high-speed internet, data center internetworking, and high-speed transport. 

It’s a great choice for businesses where capacity and cost are equally important. What does all of that mean? Why would you upgrade to a Juniper MX204 router over another model? There are several advantages to consider.

What Do You Need Your Router to Do?

Before you make any decisions, what do you need your router to do? These are some of the considerations you have.


How much money do you have to spend? When you purchase a router from Brightstar Systems, you save up to 95% off MSRP, which is a huge benefit. You still do need to have a budget in mind to ensure you get what you need without it costing more than you’re comfortable paying.


Your business internet service provider may push you to lease their equipment for a monthly fee to ensure compatibility. While there is the benefit that they have to replace it if it fails to work, you also pay substantial fees over time to rent the equipment. Plus, some companies fail to tell you when your equipment is being phased out. You often have to ask if it’s time for your equipment to be upgraded.

You do not have to agree to use their equipment. It’s more cost-effective to purchase your own. Check if the Juniper MX204 is compatible with your internet service provider and the speeds you’re paying for. If it’s not, you’ll need to find a router that works with it. Otherwise, you’ll be frustrated and annoyed when you find out your system isn’t working the way you expect.

LAN Ports:

Do you have any devices that need to connect to your router through an ethernet cable? A VoIP phone might require that type of connection. What about a printer? Companies looking to lower their carbon footprint may be using alternative energy. Solar panels on your company’s rooftop often have a data monitor that must connect to your LAN using an ethernet cable. Count how many of these ports you need.


How many users connect to it and what are those users doing? Do you have other devices like security cameras, smart devices like smart TVs in a waiting room, or smart speakers in your offices to enable your employees to play music? How many visitors connect to your business’s internet service while waiting for their appointment or interview? When you choose a system, you need to make sure it has the capacity you need. 

The Juniper MX240’s system capacity is 1.92 Tbps, which should be more than enough. This is 480 Gbps per slot. If you could have any users coming close to that capacity, you might need to upgrade to a system with a higher capacity. The MX240 has a max fabric bandwidth of up to 6 Tbps. Upgrading to an MX960 brings you to a max of 33 Tbps. An expert in Juniper routers will help you determine exactly how much bandwidth you need.


What is the range of the router you’re considering? Will it reach every room, office, or floor? Are you going to need extenders or a mesh Wi-Fi system to ensure the reach covers every area you need it?


How much space do you have? The MX240 is a five-rack unit with a lot of power for a small footprint.

Wi-Fi Standard:

What Wi-Fi standard is supported? Most are standard at 802.11 and then there are some letters or a combination of letters. This details the range and throughput. In the past, 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz were standard (Wi-Fi 4 or 11n) and supported up to 600 Mbps. Wi-Fi 6 is the newest standard and can support up to 10 Gbps. But, that might be overkill if your internet service provider isn’t offering internet speeds that require that type of speed.

What Hardware is Part of the MX240?

Take a closer look at what’s in an MX240.

  • 5 rack units
  • 2 MPCs slots
  • 3 Tbps capacity
  • 80 max 1G ethernet ports
  • 80 max 10G ethernet ports
  • 24 max 40G ethernet ports
  • 8 max 100G ethernet ports

What Are the Benefits?

One of the first benefits to consider is that the MX240 is energy-efficient. It will lower your energy usage, so you have extra money to put towards other necessary expenses. 

Always-On Infrastructure Base:

An MX240 router offers always-on infrastructure, so the network and service are there when you need them. 

Application-Aware Networking:

You can set user-defined policies to detect incoming traffic and determine how best to route it. With this customized data structure, you don’t lose data in high-traffic periods, such as when there’s a virtual conference going on and you need to send important files to a coworker. The system follows your criteria to determine how to prioritize the data.

Integrated Hardware-Based Timing:

MX240 routers use Synchronous Ethernet and PTP for frequency and phase to deliver precise accuracy and frequency. You will not need external clocks for timing.

Junos Continuity and Unified ISSU:

Consider this plug-in package if you want to enable upgrades and network changes without impacting network traffic. If there’s an important update that you don’t want to delay until after business hours, you don’t have to worry about doing it.

Junos Telemetry Interface:

Constant analytics and monitoring ensure that the network performs smoothly. You’ll know if there is a sudden increase in traffic volume, congestion, or high utilization of your resources, which allows you to take action if there are issues.


Every business and IT professional needs to consider security when they’re online. Businesses are at risk of cyberattacks and ransomware that can impact revenues and performance. The MX204 has a number of built-in security features. 


Juniper’s MX204 handles up to 400 Gbps of throughput, which makes it one of the highest in the market. It can manage a lot of traffic with ease and is a cost-effective solution considering all of the benefits it offers.

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