Juniper QFX Series Switches

Juniper QFX Series Switches

Juniper Networks has a variety of high-speed switches that meet the needs of some of the most demanding computing environments. The Juniper QFX Series is one of the most popular network switches in Juniper’s arsenal, due to its flexibility, scalability, and its ability to support virtual chassis fabric. The QFX Series is made up of high-performance, low latency switches that meet the needs of today’s large-scale enterprises, data centers, cloud and service provider environments.


The QFX Series is known for its high density ethernet switches that are designed for top-of-rack, end-of-row spine-and-core aggregation deployments. Juniper’s QFX Series is divided into 3 sub-series:

  • QFX5100
  • QFX5200
  • QFX10000


All of the models in the QFX Series have a variety of port configurations. The flexibility and scalability of these switches make it easy to find the networking solution that best fits your needs while having ample room to expand through pay-as-you-grow architecture. At only 1 – 2 rack units, the QFX5100 and the QFX5200 are optimal for networking facilities with limited space. The QFX5100 is in general the least powerful in the sub-series, but also the most versatile when it comes to virtual chassis. It is able to pair with QFX3500, QFX3600 and EX4300 switches. The QFX5200 is more powerful than the 5100, but not as versatile when it comes to virtual chassis connections – it can only be connected to other 5200s. The much larger QFX10000 sub-series is optimal for those that need modular scale. Below, we will take a deeper dive into the main features, benefits, and differences of the three QFX sub-series.




The QFX5100 sub-series is made up of a variety of fixed configuration switches with flexible deployment options. All of the models are only 1 RU (rack unit), except for the QFX5100-96S, which is just 2RU. Many of the models in this sub-series include both 10G Ethernet and 40G Ethernet port configurations, supporting up to 40G Ethernet. Two of the QFX5110 models, the QFX5110-48S and QFX5110-32Q, support 100GbE. All QFX5120 models support 100GbE and the QFX5130 goes all the way up to 400 GbE.  These top of rack, access and leaf switches provide the building blocks for standards based fabrics and routing solutions for high-performance industries. The QFX5100 runs on Junos OS and supports virtual chassis technology, enabling up to 10 interconnected switches to operate as a single, logical device which provides efficiency throughout the enterprise. The QFX5100 is the most versatile when it comes to virtual chassis; it is able to connect with QFX3500, QFX3600 and EX4300 devices.




The QFX5200 sub-series are fixed configuration, leaf/access switches that are 1RU, supporting up to 100G Ethernet. These next-generation ethernet switches are flexible and cost-effective options, ideally suited for leaf deployments in IP fabric architectures, along with multi-chassis link aggregation (MC-LAG) network implementations to improve network resiliency and reduce operational expenses. The QFX5200 can be used as a universal building block in both L3 fabrics and L2 networks, allowing for flexible deployment options that are able to expand and adapt over time. The QFX5200 can be configured with 25G and 50G ports, as well as 10G, 40G, and 100G Ethernet ports. Just like other QFX and EX series switches, the QFX5200 runs on the highly reliable Junos OS operating system, which allows for software modularity, consistent implementation, and error-free network configurations.




The QFX10000 sub-series of spine and core switches contain high-density, flexible models that deliver unparalleled intelligence, analytics, and investment protection for large-scale web, cloud providers, and data center networks. What really sets the QFX10000 apart from other Juniper switches is the integration of the Linux operating system within the foundation of the QFX10000 models, which provides a stable foundation for all additional software. There are four high-level models within the QFX sub-series, referred to as the Juniper QFX10K Series. The QFX10002-36Q and the QFX10002-72Q are both 2 RU, however, the 72Q has twice the port density of the 36Q. The QFX10008 and the QFX10016 are 13 and 21 RU, respectively, and are capable of much greater port densities that the 36Q and 72Q, given their size. The QFX10008 and QFX10016 are both modular chassis switches, providing full deployment flexibility.


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