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Used Data Center Equipment

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Data center equipment is the cornerstone of business operations, serving sectors like e-commerce, education, healthcare, and finance. Used data center equipment including routers, switches, firewalls, and more, are pivotal assets amid anticipated market growth across industries.

Growing demands necessitate operational enhancements. Selling used data center equipment adds value during this crucial phase, allowing capital recapture during decommissioning and liquidation. This economic boost supports facility expansion where impact is most vital.

Purchasing used data center hardware such as routers, switches, and servers for upgrades and increased capacity fortifies operations and represents a prudent investment in your company’s future. Adding additional firewalls and storage devices are critical for enhancing the necessary safe storage capabilities of your data center in the modern environment. 

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Buy Used Data Center Equipment

Purchasing used data center equipment offers significant cost savings without compromising on quality. Buying used data center equipment allows businesses to acquire reliable, high-performance gear at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. This value proposition enhances financial flexibility, making efficient resource allocation and technology upgrades more accessible.

Buy used data center equipment with a straightforward process:

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  2. We will reach out to discuss the specifics with you.
  3. Finalize your purchase, and we’ll promptly ship the equipment to your location.

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Sell Used Data Center Equipment

Selling used data center equipment not only unlocks a hidden asset for businesses but also provides a strategic opportunity during liquidation or decommissioning. It allows companies to recapture capital tied up in hardware, which can then be leveraged to invest in other vital areas of the company where resources are indispensably needed. In addition to financial benefits, choosing to sell used data center equipment promotes sustainability and supports organizations seeking reliable and cost-effective infrastructure enhancements.

Selling your used data center equipment is as easy as 1-2-3:

    1. Reach out to us with a list of the equipment you want to sell.
    2. Receive a quote from us, and we’ll even cover the ground shipping costs.
    3. Send us your equipment, and you’ll receive payment promptly.

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Types of Used Data Center Hardware

Within the data center landscape, each hardware component serves a unique role, offering distinct advantages as used assets.


As used assets, routers provide cost-effective connectivity solutions. Their ability to direct traffic between networks becomes a strategic advantage, facilitating efficient communication without the hefty price tag associated with new equipment.


Used switches contribute to network efficiency and reliability at a fraction of the cost. By intelligently managing data flow within local networks, they extend their lifespan as valuable assets, offering businesses a cost-effective solution for enhancing network performance.


Deploying used firewalls bolsters cybersecurity defenses without compromising budget constraints. These assets, though pre-owned, maintain their effectiveness in safeguarding networks, making them a judicious investment for businesses aiming to fortify their security posture.


As data processing workhorses, used servers present businesses with a cost-efficient means of hosting applications and managing data. The reliability and performance of servers as used assets contribute significantly to a data center’s operational efficiency.

Storage Devices

Utilizing used storage devices aligns with sustainability goals while meeting data storage needs. These assets, which include hard drives and solid-state drives, provide a reliable and environmentally conscious approach to preserving and managing vast datasets within data centers.

Incorporating used data center hardware into operations empowers businesses with reliable infrastructure, cost savings, and an environmentally responsible approach to technology procurement.

Examples of Used Data Center Equipment We Buy and Sell

BrightStar Systems provides access to a comprehensive selection of trusted and reliable equipment from renowned brands, including Juniper, Arista, and Cisco. As experienced wholesale and liquidation resellers, we are the best place to sell used Cisco equipment and Arista and Juniper hardware.

Commonly used data center equipment for sale includes the following.

Pre-owned Juniper Products:

Refurbished Arista Products

Used Surplus Cisco products:

Increase Capital Savings Amid Rising Data Center Costs

In 2023 and beyond, data center costs are expected to rise, with over 66% of enterprise location operators anticipating increased spending. Additionally, 90% of enterprise data centers aim to expand their IT and data center capacity by 2025. This expansion often involves constructing new facilities while decommissioning others to meet the growing demands.

These growth efforts are compounded by escalating electricity expenses, supply chain disruptions leading to supplier price hikes, and heightened sustainability requirements, putting a financial burden on companies. In 2022, the rising cost of IT hardware was the second largest cost increase, outpaced only by surging power costs. 

BrightStar Systems offers a solution by providing unparalleled service in buying and selling used data center equipment. Buyers of used data center equipment experience substantial capital savings — our clients can save up to 95% off the list price of trusted brands like Juniper, Cisco, and Arista, ensuring cost-effective, reliable, and dependable solutions for your technology needs, all while preserving your budget.

Transform and Upgrade With Refurbished Data Center Equipment

In a rapidly expanding data center market set to reach $418 billion by 2030, businesses must seize the opportunities presented by advanced technologies like AI, IoT, and cloud computing. Used data center equipment is a strategic choice to stay competitive and maximize efficiency for companies to transform and upgrade their data centers.

Used data center equipment suppliers offer a cost-effective solution that aligns with hyper-scalability, sustainability, and automation trends. Embracing used equipment, businesses can keep pace with technology advancements, support growth, and remain agile in the dynamic digital landscape, all while making substantial capital savings and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Decommission and Liquidate Used Data Center Equipment for Profit

Amid the ever-expanding Data Center market, companies that need to decommission and liquidate their old data center equipment can unlock significant profit opportunities while contributing to economic growth. The robust investments in advanced technologies and the proliferation of data centers present a lucrative market for used equipment. 

By selling old gear, businesses recoup capital and reduce storage costs, simultaneously promoting sustainability through responsible disposal. This not only fosters economic growth but also aligns with the emergence of green data centers, driving demand for eco-friendly solutions. As companies embrace this strategic approach, they position themselves at the forefront of a thriving industry while enhancing their bottom line.

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BrightStar Systems, an industry leader, boasts an impressive 45 years of combined experience, reflecting unparalleled expertise and a spotless reputation. We solidify our commitment to delivering top-quality used network equipment with a comprehensive 1-Year In-House Warranty for all used data center equipment and hardware. As seasoned used data center equipment buyers, we extend our service with global ground shipping when purchasing used equipment.

Our track record speaks of integrity, technical excellence, and rapid response times, making BrightStar Systems a reliable partner, ensuring peace of mind and comprehensive support for all your network hardware needs. Count on our world-class sales and support team to guide you to the best solutions for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying used data center equipment provides substantial cost savings without sacrificing quality, offering a cost-effective solution for your needs.

Absolutely, used equipment is dependable when acquired from trustworthy vendors such as BrightStar. Our used data center equipment undergoes thorough testing, and we back it with a 1-year in-house warranty for added reliability.

Absolutely. Juniper, Arista, and Cisco are trustworthy brands in the networking industry due to their longstanding reputations for producing high-quality, reliable, and innovative network equipment. They have consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions, extensive support, and a proven track record of performance and durability. Customers worldwide rely on these brands to meet their network infrastructure needs, making them leaders in the field.

Our 1-Year In-House Warranty ensures that equipment meeting manufacturer specifications is protected, with quick repair, exchange, or refund options available within 10 working days upon receipt at our warehouse. It’s important to note that misuse, improper handling, or operational damage is not covered, and return authorization is required for all items.

Selling used equipment yields significant advantages, including capital recapture for reinvestment, support for green initiatives through equipment lifecycle extension, and streamlined storage costs, promoting financial flexibility for other important endeavors.

 Absolutely. Outdated equipment retains value in the market due to its potential use in specific applications, as well as its affordability for businesses with budget constraints. Get in touch with BrightStar Systems to leverage your outdated data center equipment into capital gain.

Selling your used data center equipment is hassle-free with BrightStar Systems. Start by preparing an inventory of the hardware you wish to sell. Next, reach out to us, and we’ll promptly provide a quote, guiding you through the seamless process until you receive payment. Additionally, we cover ground shipping for the items we purchase.

When you buy from BrightStar Systems, you can access significant discounts of up to 95% off the list price, ensuring that your resources are utilized more efficiently. This means you can allocate your budget to other critical areas of your business, invest in additional technology upgrades, or enhance your overall operational capabilities without compromising on quality or reliability.

Used equipment plays a pivotal role in supporting data center transformation and upgrades by offering a cost-effective, dependable solution that perfectly aligns with current industry trends. It empowers businesses to embrace hyper-scalability and automation, facilitating their growth, innovation, and adaptability in a rapidly evolving digital landscape while maintaining a budget-friendly approach.

We inspect the hardware for signs of physical damage, ensure the presence of proper racking/mounting accessories, verify the correct serial number identification, and eliminate any dust or debris from the equipment. Additionally, we assess the operational status of fans and power supplies, restore equipment to factory default settings, test all physical ports, and ensure the device runs for at least one hour after reaching full operating temperature. We also verify the proper functionality of all modules, making sure they are error-free.

Absolutely.  BrightStar Systems is a dependable partner for used equipment. Our 45+ years of collective experience, sterling integrity, expert knowledge, and quick response times make us a trusted choice.

Certainly! We offer a  range of used data center equipment parts providing comprehensive support for your hardware needs. Whether you require replacement components or upgrades for your existing systems, we can supply the necessary parts to meet your requirements.

To get a quote for used equipment simply call or request a quote with Brightstar Systems. You only need to provide details about the equipment you want to buy or sell and we will generate a quote for you and guide you through the process.