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DCS-7060SX2-48YC6-F Air Switch

The DCS-7060SX2-48YC6-F belongs to Arista’s high-end portfolio of 7060X switches. 7060X-series network switches are purpose-built to provide high levels of performance and are well-suited to the demanding requirements found in modern data centers. The DCS-7060SX2-48YC6-F offers layer 2 and 3 wire speed features and provides customers with various port speed and density choices that range from 10- to 100-Gigabit Ethernet.

Arista DCS-7060SX2-48YC6-F Features

The Arista DCS-7060SX2-48YC6-F uses a 1RU system and provides 48, 25-GbE expansion slots as well as 6, 100-GbE slots. The 7060SX2-48YC6-F boasts an overall throughput of 3.6 Tbps, and its SFP ports allow for 1, 10, and 25-GbE speeds; its QSFP ports allow for speeds including 40GbE, 100GbE, 4x10GbE, and 4x25GbE. The 7060SX2-48YC6 supports latency as low as 450 nanoseconds in cut-through mode combined with a dynamically allocated shared packet buffer pool.

The DCS-7060SX2-48YC6-F has power lower than 7 watts per port and offers power supplies whose energy efficiency is greater than 93%. Additionally, the 7060SX2-48YC6-F includes 1+1 redundant and hot-swappable power, F-R or R-F cooling, and N+! redundant and hot-swappable fans. The DCS-7060SX2-48YC6-F includes a resilient control plane with a high-end x86 processor, up to 8GB of DRAM, and it allows user applications to run in a virtual machine.

Arista DCS-7060SX2-48YC6-F vs DCS-7060SX2-48YC6-R

Both the Arista DCS-7060SX2-48YC6-R and DCS-7060SX2-48YC6-F network switches belong to the 7060X series, and provide layer 2 and 3 wire speed features. They are very similar although the DCS-7060SX2-48YC6-R offers R-F cooling while the DCS-7060SX2-48YC6-F provides F-R cooling. Learn more about the Arista DCS-7060SX2-48YC6-R Ethernet switch.

All switches that belong to the Arista 7060X and 7260X series are purpose-built 1RU and 2RU high-performance devices with layer 2 and layer 3 wire speeds. If you need help determining which switches in these series are best for your needs, our team of network professionals can steer you in the right direction.

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