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EX4300-24P Layer 3 Switch

The X4300-24P layer 3 switch belongs to the portfolio of EX4300 Ethernet switches manufactured by Juniper Networks. Each switch in this portfolio offers Juniper’s Virtual Chassis technology as well as the flexibility of modern stackable platforms. The EX4300-24P offers 1-Gigabit Ethernet access as well as multi-gig switch options and is ideal for use in environments including data centers, branch offices, and campuses.

Juniper EX4300-24P Features

The Juniper EX4300-24P offers both layer 2 and 3 switching and can be deployed as a scalable, high-performance solution in multiple environments. Although customers may initially deploy a 24- or 48-port Juniper EX4300-24P layer 3 switch, the EX4300-24P’s Virtual Chassis technology allows customers to combine as many as 10 EX4300 and/or 4600 switches in order to manage them as one device. This allows for a pay-as-you-grow, flexible, and scalable solution ideal for use in rapidly expanding data center environments that can improve productivity and increase business revenue.

Customers may integrate an EX4300 with data center access switches that belong to Juniper’s QFX5100 product line. QFX5100 10- and 40-GbE switches can integrate with an EX4300 in a Virtual Chassis configuration or single stack to provide unobtrusive 10-Gigabit Ethernet server upgrades and easier mixed-access environment management. 

Juniper EX4300-24P vs EX4300-24P-S

Both the EX4300-24P and EX4300-24P-S layer 3 switches belong to the Juniper Networks line of EX4300 switches, and both use Virtual Chassis technology to deliver high-performance networking solutions. These two Ethernet switches are very similar.  The EX4300-24P includes fans and power supplies, whereas the EX4300-24P-S is just a chassis and does not include fans or power supplies. Learn more about the Juniper Networks EX4300-24P-S layer 3 Ethernet switch

All switches that belong to the Juniper Networks EX4300 line of Ethernet switches are purpose-built to improve business productivity and increase revenue. If you need help determining which switches in these series are best for your needs, our team of network professionals can steer you in the right direction.

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