The MIC-3D-2XGE-XFP Is A Scalable Networking Solution Designed To Take On Growth
Juniper Routers/Switches MX-Series MIC-3D-2XGE-XFP
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    MIC-3D-2XGE-XFP Interface Card

    The Juniper MIC-3D-2XGE-XFP is a Modular Interface Card (MIC) that’s compatible with several Modular Port Concentrators (MPCs), which are inserted into Juniper MX Series routers.

    Juniper’s MIC-3D-2XGE-XFP has two XFP ports. MIC-3D-2XGE-XFP optics support up to 10G Ethernet, but they are larger than the more popular SFP and SFP+ optical transceivers.

    In addition, the MIC-3D-2XGE-XFP can operate in both LAN-PHY and WAN-PHY modes.

    The MIC-3D-2XGE-XFP can be installed directly into a MIC slot on the smaller MX-series routers, including the MX5, the MX10, the MX40, the MX80 and the MX104.

    The MIC-3D-2XGE-XFP is supported on several Juniper MPCs, including all four MPC1 models, all nine MPC2 models and all three MPC3 models.  

    All of those MPC models are compatible with nearly every modular MX Series router including the MX240, the MX480, the MX960, the MX2008, the MX2010 and the MX2020.

    Each MPC holds two MICs. Each router has a number of MPC slots, based on its size and specifications. The MX240 has only two MPC slots, whereas the MX2020 has 20 MPC slots.

    That means the MX240 can hold up to four MICs and the MX2020 can hold up to 40 MICs.

    There also is a four-port model that supports XFP optics, the MIC-3D-4XGE-XFP. But, only the Juniper MIC-3D-2XGE-XFP is supported by MPC1 models, MPC2 models and MPC3 models.

    The MIC-3D-4XGE-XFP is supported by only MPC2 and MPC3 models.  It is not supported in smaller MX-series devices that have a MIC slot.

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    • Application/Usage : Data Networking
    • Product Type : Interface Module
    • Compatibility : Juniper MX Series Modular Port Concentrators
    • Manufacturer Part Number : MIC-3D-2XGE-XFP
    • Limited Warranty : 1 Year
    • Manufacturer : Juniper Networks, Inc
    • Product Model : MIC-3D-2XGE-XFP
    • Brand Name : Juniper
    • Expansion Slot Type : XFP
    • Number of Total Expansion Slots : 2