The MPC2E-3D-NG-Q-R-B Is A Scalable Networking Solution Designed To Take On Growth
Juniper Routers/Switches MX-Series MPC2E-3D-NG-Q-R-B
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    Refurbished Juniper MPC2E-3D-NG-Q-R-B Expansion Module for Sale

    Expansion Module

    MPC2E-3D-NG-Q-R-B Expansion Module

    The Juniper MPC2E-3D-NG-Q-R-B expansion module is a single-slot solution that supports applications in business, residential, and mobile networking environments. The MPC2E-3D-NG-Q-R-B also offers high-speed provider edge, inter/intra data center, business service, hub/head-end connectivity, and various other applications.

    Juniper MPC2E-3D-NG-Q-R-B Features

    The Juniper MPC2E-3D-NG-Q-R-B expansion module leverages the latest Junos Trio chipset, which allows for high-performing switching and routing capabilities due to its upgraded and improved memory. The MPC2E-3D-NG-Q-R-B also provides line-rate forwarding, integrated video QA, hierarchical QoS, load balancing, and flow monitoring. The expansion module supports Junos OS-based layer 2, 2.5, and 3 wire speed features.

    Additionally, the MPC2E-3D-NG-Q-R-B expansion module also supports the DevOps-style enhancement known as Junos Continuity in order to introduce novel hardware into MX-series routers. Junos Continuity allows customers to introduce new hardware more rapidly to their network while avoiding downtime and qualification testing. The MPC2E-3D-NG-R-B expansion module is designed for the Juniper MX-series MX240, 480, and 960, and offers NAT support, MPLS support, and QoS and CoS.

    Juniper MPC2E-3D-NG-Q-R-B vs MX-MPC2E-3D-P-R-B

    Both the Juniper MPC2E-3D-NG-Q-R-B and MX-MPC2E-3D-P-R-B are Modular Port Concentrators (MPCs) with plug-in module form factors that enable packet forwarding, and both use the Junos Trio chipset to provide industry-leading density Gigabit Ethernet and flexibility associated with Modular Interface Cards across the MX-series portfolio. The largest difference between these two devices relates to product type, as the MPC2E-3D-NG-Q-R-B is a next generation model, while the MX-MPC2E-3 D-P-R-B is not. Learn more about the Juniper MX-MPC2E-3D-P-R-B service module.

    MPCs allow for packet forwarding and may be used once they are inserted by a customer into a router’s slot. If you need help determining which MPC2E devices are best for your needs, our team of network professionals can steer you in the right direction.


    • Application/Usage : Switching Network
    • Product Type : Expansion Module
    • Compatibility : Juniper MX2000 3D Universal Edge Routers
    • Manufacturer Part Number : MPC2E-3D-NG-Q-R-B
    • Packaged Quantity : 1
    • Form Factor : Plug-in Module
    • Manufacturer : Juniper Networks, Inc
    • Brand Name : Juniper
    • Number of Total Expansion Slots : 2