The PB-1CHSTM1-SMIR-QPP Is A Scalable Networking Solution Designed To Take On Growth
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    1-port Channelized STM-1 IQ PIC Module

    The Channelized STM-1 IQ PIC enables high-speed access connections to be scaled rapidly, reliably, and manageably, and delivers enhanced QoS, deeper channelization, improved accounting capabilities, and a rich suite of provisioning and troubleshooting tools.

    The new generation of Juniper Networks Channelized PICs is based on the Q Performance Processor (QPP), a custom high-performance ASIC designed to deliver enhanced functionality. Known as Channelized Intelligent Queuing (IQ) PICs, their key features including multilevel channelization, comprehensive and granular QoS capabilities, and extensive instrumentation and diagnostics.

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    • Application/Usage : Data Networking
    • Product Type : Interface Module
    • Compatibility : Supported Platform: M40e, M160, M320, T320
    • Manufacturer Part Number : PB-1CHSTM1-SMIR-QPP
    • Interfaces/Ports Details : 1 x SC STS-3/STM-1
    • Manufacturer : Juniper Networks, Inc
    • Brand Name : Juniper