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The Juniper Networks ® QFX10000 line of modular Ethernet switches delivers up to 96 Tbps of system throughput, scalable to over 200 Tbps in the future, to meet the rapid and ongoing traffic growth in the data center. Industry-leading scale and density on the QFX10000 modular switches redefine per-slot economics, enabling customers to do more with less while simplifying network design and reducing OpEx. Based on purpose-built Q5 ASICs, the QFX10000 line delivers unparalleled intelligence and analytics, providing deeper insights into application performance.

The QFX10000 line can be deployed in a number of different network designs and fabrics, including Layer 3 fabric and Juniper MC-LAG for Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks, giving customers complete architectural flexibility. Additionally, the open architecture ensures that customers can innovate on top of Juniper Networks Junos ® operating system to accelerate the pace of innovation.

The QFX10000 is also a key component of Juniper Networks MetaFabric TM Architecture, which provides a simple, open and smart approach to building data center networks. Additionally, the QFX10000 supports Data Center Interconnect (DCI), critical to workload mobility and application availability.

For networks evolving to SDN, the QFX10000 can integrate with VMware NSX SDN controllers and can act as a Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) Layer 2 and Layer 3 gateway. The open and standards-based QFX10000 switches can also interoperate with the Open vSwitch Database (OVSDB) to support automated management and control capabilities. The QFX10000 line can integrate with OpenContrail SDN controller to allow users to choose their preferred SDN systems.

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