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The Switch Control Board (SCBE2-MX-S) serves the carrier Ethernet services router and carrier Ethernet transport markets that require higher-capacity traffic support, demanding greater interface density (slot and capacity scale) as well as improved services. The upgraded SCB is supported on MX960, MX480, and MX240 routers. Some key attributes of the SCBE2-MX-S are:

  • A bandwidth of up to 340 Gbps per slot with redundant fabric support and 480 Gbps per slot without redundancy, and improved fabric performance on account of using the next-generation fabric (XF2) chip.
  • A central clocking module and a centralized clocking architecture that supports clock cleanup and distribution. The Stratum 3 clock module performs clock monitoring, filtering, and holdover at a centralized chassis location.
  • Full performance with fabric redundancy for higher-capacity line cards such as MPC4.
  • Support for MPC line cards only.
  • Two 10-Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ ports. SFP+ port 0 can be used to connect an external device as a Router Reflector. SFP+ port 1 is unused.
  • Support for cross-coupling of clock input (which requires an enhanced midplane: CHAS-BP3-MX960-S). You can configure the system such that one SCBE2-MX-S supports a GPS interface, and the other SCBE2 supports a BITS interface.

We buy and sell used Juniper MX Series Interface Cards. Please contact us to buy or sell any pre-owned or surplus SCBE2-MX-S switch control boards.

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