The ASR 9904 Is A Scalable Networking Solution Designed To Take On Growth
Cisco Routers ASR Series ASR 9904
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    Cisco ASR 9904 Used Surplus For Sale - ASR 9904 Specs & Prices

    ASR-9904 2 Line Card Slot Chassis

    Used Cisco ASR 9904 Routers Squeeze High-end Specifications into a Small Frame

    Pre-owned ASR 9904 routers combine features and specifications of other ASR 9000 Series routers, resulting in a powerful router in a relatively small frame. This combination of elements makes used Cisco ASR 9904 routers perfect for high-bandwidth networking applications in facilities that don’t have the space for larger routers that take up a significant amount of rack space.

    The ASR 9904 Router Makes Up for a Lack of Flexibility with a High Max Capacity

    Although used Cisco ASR 9904 routers don’t offer the same level of flexibility as some other ASR 9000 Series routers, it has a higher maximum capacity than most of them.

    The lack of flexibility is due largely to the fact that used Cisco ASR 9904 routers are only 6 rack units (RU) in size, which makes them smaller than all but two other ASR 9000 Series routers. The smaller size of the ASR 9904 allows it to support only two line cards for Ethernet ports.

    Despite having only two line cards, pre-owned Cisco ASR 9904 routers are completely modular, and it supports up to 100G Ethernet. It also has a maximum capacity of 16 Tbps, which is greater than the maximum capacity of the 21-RU ASR 9010 router.

    Those are only the basic ASR 9904 router specifications, but we have PDF datasheets available with more detailed specifications. If you would like to review our PDF datasheets, please reach out to us. We can send you datasheets for our in-stock pre-owned Cisco ASR 9904 routers, in addition to other ASR Series routers we sell that you can use to compare the different models.

    BrightStar Systems Will Offer Great Deals for Your Used Cisco ASR 9904 Routers

    Selling your pre-owned Cisco ASR 9904 routers to us is one of the best ways to turn unused, outdated, or underperforming hardware into a financial asset for your operation.

    When you sell your used Cisco ASR 9904 routers to us, you’re guaranteed to receive the best prices available. Not only that, but we specialize in purchasing pre-owned Cisco ASR 9904 routers in bulk, so no matter how much equipment you’re looking to sell, we can handle pickup and shipping.

    Contact us if you have pre-owned Cisco ASR 9904 routers you want to sell, and we’ll get the process underway.

    We Guarantee the Used Cisco ASR 9904 Routers You Buy From Us Are in Peak Condition

    It’s one thing to offer great prices on pre-owned Cisco ASR 9904 routers, but we also want to make sure the routers you purchase are ready to go as soon as they arrive.

    In order to make sure that happens, we test every used Cisco ASR 9904 router we buy. Our 9-point Quality Control and Testing Process is a comprehensive procedure that includes testing all the physical ports, fans, power supplies and modules, and more. And, when it comes time to ship your order, we do so using the finest, most high-quality shipping materials to ensure every piece of equipment arrives intact.

    Reach out to our sales team if you’re interested in buying pre-owned Cisco ASR 9904 routers.

    Our Flexible Payment Process Accounts for a Variety of Factors

    At BrightStar Systems, we understand you’re working with budgets, deadlines and a variety of other factors that determine how much you can spend and how much you need to make. That’s why we provide several options for determining and making payments.

    We don’t apply standard rates to orders. Instead, when you buy pre-owned Cisco ASR 9904 routers, both the initial quote and the final price is based on the equipment you’re looking to buy.

    When we purchase used ASR 9904 routers, we give you the option to receive your payment in advance via credit card – until we verify all the equipment works properly – or we can wait and send a check once we’ve completed the testing procedure.

    Our Experience in the Networking Hardware Industry Sets Us Apart From Competitors

    We’ve been in business for more than 20 years, which has allowed us to refine our buying and selling processes so that you benefit from great prices and products and excellent customer service.

    We manage to provide our products at great prices because we’ve put effort into reducing our bottom line by building relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry. As a result, we’ve decreased our purchase prices, and we’ve done it without sacrificing quality.

    We buy and sell used Cisco ASR9000 networking equipment. Please contact us to buy or sell any pre-owned or surplus routers.


    • Product Type : Router Chassis
    • Manufacturer Part Number : ASR-9904
    • Form Factor : Rack-mountable
    • Manufacturer : Cisco Systems, Inc
    • Product Model : ASR-9904
    • Product Series : ASR 9000
    • Brand Name : Cisco
    • Height : 10.4"
    • Width : 17.6"
    • Depth : 25"
    • Compatible Rack Unit : 6U
    • Number of Total Expansion Slots : 2