The MX150 Is A Scalable Networking Solution Designed To Take On Growth
Juniper Routers/Switches MX-Series MX150
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    Used Juniper MX150

    Used Surplus MX150 Routers are a Compact Solution for

    Low-bandwidth Environments

    Pre-owned Juniper MX150 routers are designed with a small footprint that allows for a maximized use of rack space in low-bandwidth enterprise and service provider networking environments. The MX150 router is one of several in-stock used Juniper MX Series routers that BrightStar Systems sells.

    Used Surplus MX150 Routers Make Efficient Use of Space

    Pre-owned Juniper MX150 routers are only 1 rack unit (RU) in size, and are made as fixed-configuration routers. The MX150 is one of the smallest MX Series routers available.

    The MX150 router is on the lower-end of the MX Series lineup in terms of speed and port specifications. And – unlike many MX Series routers – the MX150 does not include any Modular Interface Card (MIC) slots, which provides more freedom for how ports are configured. Pre-owned MX150 routers support up to 10G Ethernet, and include a mixture of 1G and 10G Ethernet ports. The MX150 router has a maximum capacity of 40 Gbps, the same as the MX Series’ entry-level router, the MX5.

    MX150 Routers Are Targeted at 1G and 10G Ethernet Networks

    The chart below looks at several key specifications for the MX150, as well as other used Juniper MX Series routers. The routers included in the chart are all fixed-configuration devices.

    Fixed configuration MX Series Router Comparison Chart

    MX5 MX10 MX80 MX104 MX150 MX204
    Rack Units 2 2 2 3.5 1 1
    Slots 3 MICs 3 MICs 4 10GbE,

    3 MICs

    4 10GbE,

    4 MICs

    N/A 8 10GbE,

    4 100GbE

    Max Capacity 40 Gbps 80 Gbps 160 Gbps 160 Gbps 40 Gbps 800 Gbps
    Max 1G Ethernet Ports 20 40 80 80 12 24
    Max 10G Ethernet Ports N/A 1 8 8 2 24
    Max 40G Ethernet Ports N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 4
    Max 100G Ethernet Ports N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 4

    In addition to this chart, we have detailed PDF datasheets with in-depth specifications on used Juniper MX150 routers we have for sale, as well as other in-stock MX Series products. Please contact us if you are interested in reviewing our MX Series datasheets.

    We Sell Used Surplus MX150 Routers at Cost-effective Rates

    BrightStar Systems specializes in selling high-quality pre-owned Juniper MX150 routers at competitive rates.  We also sell optics that are compatible with pre-owned Juniper MX150 routers to allow for flexibility in setting up port configurations.

    We’ve been in business for more than 20 years, and during that time we’ve developed relationships with Fortune 500 companies and service providers that sell us their used surplus Juniper MX150 routers in bulk. That allows us to sell products at lower prices than our competitors and offer you the best deals on our pre-owned MX150 routers.

    You can be sure that any equipment you purchase from us is in great condition. Every piece of hardware we sell must undergo a rigorous quality control procedure, which includes a hardware inspection to check for signs of physical damage, a test to make sure every port and module works properly and many other assessments to ensure a device is fully functional.

    For more information on our pre-owned MX150 router sales process, or if you would like us to send you a quote, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with one of our sales associates.

    BrightStar Systems Offers Top Dollar for Used Juniper MX150 Routers

    Selling your pre-owned Juniper MX150 routers to us is the easiest and most cost-effective way to make a profit off your used Juniper hardware. We purchase used surplus MX150 routers primarily from large- and medium-sized businesses and other resellers, but we also purchase hardware from individuals. We also cover all shipping costs when you sell your MX150 routers to us, no matter where in the world you’re located.

    As an independent reseller of pre-owned Juniper hardware, we can purchase your pre-owned MX150 routers at a price you won’t get anywhere else. And, by selling your used Juniper MX Series equipment to us, you get paid right away – as long as it’s in good physical and working condition.

    If you would like more information on our used MX150 router buying process, or if you would like us to send an offer for the equipment you’re looking to sell, please reach out to our sales team.

    Our Price Model is Flexible and Fair

    When working with used hardware, there are several factors that affect the final cost of a purchase or sale. For that reason, we like to gather as much information as possible when buying and selling pre-owned Juniper MX150 routers. It’s also why we customize our sell prices and purchase rates to each particular order. Not only does this process allow us to get you the most accurate purchase offers and sales quotes from the start, but it also ensures you receive your payment for used equipment or your purchase order as quickly as possible.

    There are Several Advantages to Purchasing Used Juniper Hardware with Us

    Every piece of hardware you purchase is backed by BrightStar Systems’ 1-Year In-House Warranty. You also get access to BrightStar Systems’ experienced team of networking professionals that can answer any questions related to setup and installation, and direct you to additional online resources and downloadable PDFs.

    For any equipment we purchase, we can easily pay you in advance using a variety of electronic payment methods. And if you’re unable to test your own equipment, we’ll do for you, saving you the hassle of dealing with unsatisfied purchasers who want to return it.

    For any questions about our used surplus Juniper MX150 routers for sale, contact us today.

    BrightStar Systems is not an authorized Juniper partner and we have no affiliation with Juniper Networks. BrightStar Systems is an independent used Juniper networking hardware reseller.