BrightStar Systems Offers Used Surplus And Refurbished Equipment At Competitive Prices



Juniper QFX5120-32C-AFI Switch


We Sell High-quality, Pre-Owned Juniper Routers, Switches, Firewalls, And Optical Transceivers

About Juniper Networks Juniper Networks is one of the world’s leading networking hardware manufacturers. Based in Sunnyvale, California, the company’s line of products includes both aggregate and core routers, switches and firewalls for enterprises, service providers and data centers. In addition, Juniper offers optical transceivers and cables in a wide ...



Refurbished Arista Switches, Transceivers and Cables for Sale

About Arista Networks Arista Networks is a newer name in the networking hardware industry. Founded in 2004, the company, based in Santa Clara, California, has since grown into a global supplier. However, whereas some of the other big names in the industry offer a comprehensive selection of networking hardware, Arista ...

DCS-7060PX5-64E-F , CCS-720XP-24Y6-2F , CCS-720XP-24Y6-F , CCS-720XP-24ZY4-2F , CCS-720XP-24ZY4-F , CCS-720XP-48Y6-2F , CCS-720XP-48Y6-F , CCS-720XP-48ZC2-2F , CCS-720XP-48ZC2-F , CCS-720XP-96ZC2-2F , CCS-720XP-96ZC2-4F , DCS-7280CR2-60-DC-F ,DCS-7280CR3-32D4-F , DCS-7280CR3-32P4-F , DCS-7280CR3-36S-F , DCS-7280CR3-96-F ,DCS-7280CR3K-32D4-F , DCS-7280CR3K-32D4A-F ,DCS-7280CR3K-32P4-F , DCS-7280CR3K-36A-F


BrightStar Systems Offers Used Surplus and Refurbished Cisco Routers, Switches and Optics at Competitive Prices

BrightStar Systems stocks many of Cisco’s flagship product series, including routers, switches and optics. Whether you’re looking to replace only one piece of equipment or upgrade an entire system, you can depend on us to supply you with the highest-quality, pre-owned Cisco networking hardware. Cisco is the largest manufacturer of ...

Cisco Optics/Cables QSFP-H40G-CU2M