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Sell Used Cisco Equipment

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Used Cisco networking equipment retains higher resale value compared to competitors due to its reputation for reliability, widespread adoption, and extensive product ecosystem. 

Cisco’s strong market presence and comprehensive support infrastructure make used Cisco networking equipment appealing to buyers seeking quality, compatibility, and ongoing support. While the resale value of any equipment depends on factors like condition and demand, Cisco’s brand recognition and trusted performance contribute to its competitive advantage in the secondary market.

We Buy Used Cisco Equipment

If you’re considering upgrading your existing pre-owned Cisco routers, or if you have unused devices sitting on shelves, the best thing you can do is sell us your used Cisco routers and turn them into a financial asset for your operation. And, as Cisco router buyers, we purchase parts as well.

We are pre-owned Cisco equipment buyers and sellers with more than 45 years of experience in the industry. During that time, we’ve worked hard to create a global logistical network that enables us to buy pre-owned Cisco equipment in bulk from large-scale enterprises and service providers located all over the world.

We also make sure you get the most value out of your pre-owned equipment by providing additional services that make it easy for you to sell us your used Cisco equipment. Whether you’re looking to sell us your pre-owned Cisco routers or sell us your used Cisco switches, BrightStar Systems provides a comprehensive and cost-effective solution.

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How to Sell Cisco Products in Three Steps

How to sell Cisco products is a straightforward process that can be done with ease by following the next three steps. 

Step One: Compile Your Inventory

Start by physically inspecting your equipment. Note the make, model, serial number, specifications, and condition of each item. Create a comprehensive list with this information, and consider taking photographs for visual documentation. 

This meticulous approach ensures that every piece of equipment is accounted for and helps facilitate a smooth and efficient sales process while maximizing the value of your Cisco gear.  

Step Two: Get Quotes From Cisco Buyers

Initiate the sale of your Cisco equipment and get a quote by submitting a comprehensive list detailing the model, quantity, and condition. BrightStar Systems will carefully review the list and communicate effectively to address any clarifications. A competitive quote will then be presented, and upon agreement, the sale details will be finalized for a smooth and efficient transaction.

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Step Three: Sell and Ship Your Used Cisco Equipment

Once the sale is confirmed with BrightStar Systems, we manage shipping costs and payment via your preferred method, typically wire transfer or check. Ensure data security by wiping or destroying data from devices before shipment. Then, securely package the equipment, attach labels, and proceed with shipping.

Used Cisco Equipment We Buy

BrightStar Systems purchases a wide range of Cisco equipment, including but not limited to:

Nexus 9000

The Nexus 9000 series of data center switches are designed for high-performance networking, offering scalability and flexibility for modern data center environments. It offers multi-terabit scale and supports high-density 10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, making it ideal for demanding network environments. 

These switches play a crucial role in modern data center setups and retain strong resale value due to their advanced technical capabilities.They have strong resale value due to their crucial role in modern data center environments. 

Catalyst 9300

Part of the Catalyst family, these switches provide advanced security features, high-density stacking, and excellent performance for enterprise networks. They offer high-density stacking, providing up to 480 Gbps of stacking bandwidth, and support a variety of network technologies, including Cisco’s StackWise® technology for seamless scalability. They retain good resale value, making them a sound investment for organizations.

Catalyst 9400

The Cisco Catalyst 9400 series stands out with its exceptional technical capabilities, offering modular design for scalability and versatility in campus core and distribution networks. It provides high-density 10/25/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet ports, robust security features, and advanced automation capabilities, making it a powerful choice for large enterprises.

These modular switches deliver exceptional scale, security, and performance for campus core and distribution networks, making them ideal for large enterprises. Their resale value remains solid, particularly for large enterprises requiring robust networking solutions.

Catalyst 9500

The Cisco Catalyst 9500 series excels in enterprise networking with its advanced technical features. These switches deliver high performance, offering up to 25.6 Tbps of switching capacity, and support for high-density 10/25/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet ports. They also feature robust security and automation capabilities, making them essential for modern enterprise networks.

A high-performance switch series with advanced security and automation capabilities suitable for enterprise and campus networks make them valuable assets for enterprise networks with a strong resale value.

Catalyst 9600

Cisco’s flagship Catalyst switch for enterprise core and distribution networks, offering superior performance and versatility. The Cisco Catalyst 9600 series is the pinnacle of enterprise networking, boasting remarkable technical capabilities. 

These switches offer exceptional performance with up to 25.6 Tbps of switching capacity and support for high-density 10/25/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet ports. They come equipped with advanced security and automation features, making them indispensable for enterprise core and distribution networks. Their resale value is excellent, reflecting their critical role in network infrastructure.


Cisco’s Aggregation Services Router 1000 Series (ASR1000) is a versatile platform for routing and WAN services in various network environments. These routers maintain a respectable resale value, especially for organizations requiring reliable routing solutions.

The Cisco ASR 1000 Series is made up of nine models that all offer edge routing capabilities, making them best suited for enterprise network environments. Although ASR 1000 Series routers lack the scalability and port density of some advanced ASR 9000 Series routers, the higher-end models share some specifications. There are multiple ASR 1000 Series routers featuring a modular design that support up to 100G Ethernet, for example.


The Cisco ASR9000 series is a high-performance platform designed for demanding network environments. It offers impressive technical capabilities with multi-terabit scale, supporting high-density 10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. These routers are renowned for their reliability and ability to handle complex routing and service provider requirements.

The Aggregation Services Router 9000 Series is designed for high-performance, high-density environments, making it suitable for service providers and large enterprises. Their resale value remains strong due to their critical role in carrier-grade networks.

The Best Place to Sell Used Cisco Equipment

The ideal platform for selling used Cisco equipment depends on the seller’s specific needs, requirements, and the quantity of equipment they intend to sell.

Organizations seeking to offload larger volumes of Cisco gear may benefit from partnering with established IT asset recovery companies that offer tailored services, expertise in networking equipment, and the capacity to efficiently handle substantial inventories. This ensures sellers receive maximum value for their surplus equipment.

For smaller quantities or individual items, online marketplaces can provide a convenient solution but pose many risks. Instead, those looking to sell old Cisco equipment at a small scale should consider the Cisco Buyback program or eBay.

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Overall Best and Safest Way to Sell Used Cisco Equipment 

The overall best and safest way to sell used cisco equipment is to utilize a trusted reseller or platform. It is better to work with a company or platform that can guarantee a safe transaction. 

Selling used Cisco equipment to independent buyers on unregulated online platforms may present challenges. Unregulated platforms lack the security and reliability required for high-value technology transactions. The FBI Internet Crime Report estimates a total loss of 10.2 billion in online fraud in 2022. 

Scams and fraudulent buyers are prevalent, risking financial losses and data breaches. Finding a genuine buyer who is willing to pay a fair price can be time-consuming and uncertain.

Best Place to Sell Used Cisco Equipment for Wholesale and Liquidation 

The best place to sell used Cisco equipment for wholesale and liquidation is by partnering with ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) companies and trusted Cisco resellers like BrightStar Systems

With over 45 years of industry experience, BrightStar Systems offers a reliable solution. Choosing a reputable source in the industry will offer a winning combination of excellent services, expertise, and competitive pricing that can maximize your returns

Our expert team streamlines the process, ensuring swift transactions and fair pricing. By choosing BrightStar Systems, businesses can easily and safely liquidate their Cisco equipment, and maximize returns through our decades of expertise with a proven track record.

As experienced pre-owned Cisco router buyers, we can help you offload your pre-owned Cisco equipment by not only buying it but by also setting up freight pickup for large orders and paying for all the shipping costs. That’s how we set ourselves apart from other used Cisco router buyers.

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Best Place to Sell Cisco Equipment for Small Consumer Product Sales

The Cisco Buyback program is the best option for small consumer product sales, as it connects you with buyback providers. While not a direct sale to Cisco, it facilitates the process. However, obtaining the best price will take some footwork of gathering quotes from various providers.

Cisco’s buyback program also offers an option to responsibly recycle items that can’t be sold. The Cisco Takeback and Reuse Program accepts equipment and hardware that has reached end-of-use at no cost. This helps organizations dispose of old Cisco equipment in an environmentally conscious way, even if the equipment no longer has resale value. Recycling ensures that components are properly disposed of, hazardous materials are managed safely, and the equipment’s environmental impact is minimized. 

The second best place to sell Cisco products in smaller quantities is eBay. A few benefits of eBay include a user friendly platform, a vast audience of buyers, and competitive bidding. In addition, eBay offers shipping and payment processing options, streamlining the sales process for sellers with limited resources. While we don’t explicitly recommend selling on Reddit, it serves as an excellent open-source platform for gathering information about Cisco products. When preparing to sell smaller quantities on eBay, it’s advisable to conduct pricing research by searching for part numbers with the “Sold Items” filter on.  Listed item prices can be misleading, as many items sell for well under the Buy it Now price.

Both options offer opportunities for small-scale Cisco equipment sales but come with varying levels of complexity and potential return on investment.

Why Sell Used Cisco Equipment to BrightStar Systems?

In addition to offering better prices for pre-owned equipment than other used Cisco switches buyers, there are several reasons to sell us your pre-owned Cisco switches. When we buy Cisco equipment and switches, we test all the equipment you sell us to make sure it’s in full operating condition. That saves you the time and effort of doing it yourself.

We’ll also pay you in advance for the switches we purchase. As long as there aren’t any issues with any of the equipment you sell us, you’ll receive the entire initial payment. If you’d rather us send you a check, we also can do that once we’ve confirmed all the equipment works properly.

We’re seasoned used Cisco switches buyers, and we know which Cisco switches to purchase. 

We are highly-qualified used Cisco switch buyers. If you would like to sell us your used Cisco switches, please contact us today. If you’re on the fence about it and want more information, check out our how to sell used network equipment guide.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Used Cisco equipment is bought by various parties, including networking resellers such as BrightStar Systems, IT asset resellers, refurbishers, businesses, and individuals seeking cost-effective networking solutions.

Cisco’s buyback program, known as the Cisco Technology Migration Program (CTMP), enables customers to trade in their old Cisco equipment when upgrading to new Cisco products, providing them with credits that can be applied to their new purchases. This program helps organizations offset the costs of upgrading while promoting the responsible disposal of older equipment.

Old Cisco equipment can be sold repurposed within your organization, donated or responsibly recycled to recover materials and reduce environmental impact. Choosing to sell Cisco equipment can provide a significant financial benefit by allowing organizations to recover capital from their surplus assets, which can then be reinvested into their IT infrastructure or other strategic initiatives.

Old Cisco switches can be resold, offering a potential revenue stream or reducing the overall cost of network upgrades. Alternatively, they can serve as spare parts to minimize downtime in case of equipment failures, ensuring business continuity. Proper recycling through certified e-waste programs also promotes sustainability and environmental responsibility, aligning with corporate social responsibility initiatives.

To sell your Cisco equipment, you need to follow three simple steps: Compile your inventory, get quotes, and sell and ship your used Cisco equipment to the buyer. To get quotes you can engage with IT asset recovery companies, Cisco buyback programs, or reputable resellers such as BrightStar Systems.

You can sell Cisco equipment through various channels, including reputable resellers such as BrightStar Systems, online marketplaces, dedicated IT equipment buyers, or Cisco’s official buyback program.

To get a great price for your used Cisco equipment, research the market value, engage multiple buyers or resellers to compare offers, and ensure the equipment is in good condition.

Selling used Cisco equipment in bulk can be done by partnering with ITAD companies, trusted resellers, or networking equipment buyers specializing in bulk purchases.

If you can’t sell used Cisco equipment, recycling it is the responsible and environmentally conscious choice. To do this, you can contact certified e-waste recycling programs or specialized electronics recycling centers. They will ensure that the equipment is properly disassembled, components are recycled, and hazardous materials are disposed of safely, all while adhering to environmental regulations and minimizing environmental impact.

To ship Cisco equipment, securely package it, arrange pickup or delivery with a shipping carrier or logistics partner, and ensure proper labeling. BrightStar Systems offers the convenience of covering shipping costs and logistics for their customers, streamlining the process.

You can find a Cisco equipment buyer by searching online, contacting IT asset recovery companies, exploring Cisco’s buyback program, or networking with industry-specific buyers such as BrightStar Systems.

The benefits of selling used Cisco equipment include recovering value, reducing operational costs, supporting sustainability through responsible recycling, and freeing up space for newer infrastructure.

You can buy used Cisco equipment from various sources, including IT equipment resellers such as BrightStar Systems, online marketplaces, auctions, and Cisco’s Certified Refurbished Equipment program.