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BrightStar Systems Used Juniper Routers are ready to ship

BrightStar Systems anas a extensive supply of high-quality pre-owned Juniper routers for sale in both fixed-configuration and modular designs. We also buy used Juniper routers in bulk.

We’ve been in business for more than 20 years, and during that time we’ve developed a global presence in the networking hardware industry. We work with enterprises, service providers, Fortune 500 companies and cloud computing operators all over the world.

Our commitment to selling used Juniper routers in great condition at affordable prices, which is made possible by our experienced and knowledgeable support staff, is what separates us from our competitors. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way, whether you’re buying or selling pre-owned Juniper routers.

The Used Juniper Routers we Sell are Top of the Line

We have a wide selection of pre-owned Juniper routers for sale. Our inventory includes end-of-life products and the most up-to-date hardware. We specialize in some of the most popular used Juniper router series, including the following:

MX Series routers: This series is comprised of more than a dozen pre-owned Juniper routers. The entry-level router is the MX5, which measures 2 rack units (RU) and supports up to 10G Ethernet. The highest performing router, the MX2020, stands at 45 RU and sports the greatest maximum capacity of any edge router on the market.

  • M Series routers: The M Series includes the first Juniper router ever produced: the M40. In addition to the M40, the M Series includes the M20, the M7i, the M10i, the M120 and the M320. The higher-end M120 and M320 support up to 10G Ethernet.
  • J Series routers: The J Series is made up of only four routers: the J2320, the J2350, the J4350 and the J6350. All J Series routers support up to 1G Ethernet.
  • E Series Broadband Services routers: The Juniper E Series consist of seven models, including the ERX310, the ERX705, the ERX710, the ERX1410 and the ERX1440, as well as the E120 and the E320. The E120 and E320 feature the most advanced specifications; both those routers support up to 10G Ethernet.

When you buy used Juniper routers from us, you’re getting equipment that’s guaranteed to operate a peak performance levels. We run every single used Juniper router we buy through our 9-point Quality Control and Testing Process to make sure it’s running properly. We inspect routers for any signs of physical damage, and we check internal components to make sure there are no issues with fans, ports or any other parts.

After you’ve bought pre-owned Juniper routers, we’ll help you get your equipment up and running, and make sure it stays running. Every previously owned Juniper router you buy comes with BrightStar Systems’ 1-Year In-House Warranty. Not only that, but buying used Juniper routers from us means you also get access to our world-class support team to answer all your questions regarding setup and installation.

Please contact us for more information on our in-stock pre-owned Juniper routers for sale. To learn more about our sales process, check out our guide to buying used network equipment.

Turn Your Used Juniper Routers into a Financial Asset by Selling Them to Us

Selling your Juniper routers is the best way to turn your used equipment into capital. If you have routers sitting dormant on shelves, or if you’re planning to replace existing hardware, it makes sense to sell your used equipment. You can put the profits toward new routers or into another part of your operation that needs it. And as an independent dealer of used Juniper routers, we’re able to to offer you the best available prices.

Not only do we offer top dollar for your pre-owned Juniper routers, we also cover the shipping costs for all the equipment you sell us. It doesn’t matter if you’re shipping your equipment domestically or internationally; once you’ve approved the final sale price of your order, we’ll provide you with our shipping account information so you’ll have it for billing. If you’re selling used Juniper routers in bulk, we’ll set up freight pickup for you at no cost as well.

Contact us today if you have pre-owned Juniper routers for sale, and we’ll get the process started right away. If you’d like to learn more about selling used hardware, read our in-depth guide on how to sell pre-owned networking equipment.