9-Point Quality Control and Testing Process

Inspect hardware for signs of physical damage

Ensure that hardware has proper racking/mounting accessories

Verify that equipment has proper serial number identification

Remove any dust or debris from equipment

Ensure that fans and power supplies are operational

Restore equipment to factory default settings

Test all physical ports

Ensure that device will run for least 1 hour after full operating temperature is reached

Verify that all modules are operational and error free


BrightStar Systems provides a 1-Year in house warranty to end users and a 90-day in house warranty to resellers.

Warranty covers equipment failing to perform to manufacturer’s specifications. Warranty does not cover misuse and/or damage due to improper handling and/or operation of equipment. No item can be returned without prior return authorization. BrightStar Systems will repair, exchange, or refund the equipment under warranty within 10 working days after its receipt at our warehouse.