Best Juniper MX Series Routers for Your Networking Needs

Best Juniper MX Series Routers for Your Networking Needs

Juniper’s MX Series routers are geared toward users that need networking options for enterprise, data center, and industrial settings. If an MX Series router sounds like the right fit for your facility, you probably have specific networking needs related to space, power, flexibility, or scalability. Therefore, we’ve summarized the specifications of major MX Series routers to help you decide which option best matches the needs of your network.


The cost-efficient MX5 routers are ideal for service providers and enterprising applications. The MX5 has been optimized for facilities with limited capabilities in terms of power and space, giving their network flexible connectivity and dedicated support with minimal usage requirements.

MX5 routers can be upgraded for higher performance, bandwidth, and port density. Upfront costs are low with the MX5, giving facilities the ability to accommodate 1G Ethernet on a budget.


The Juniper MX80 is the best option for those who don’t want to sacrifice size for performance and scalability, and for those who want to keep it simpler with a fixed-configuration router. This is the highest performing 2RU (“rack units”) sized MX series router. The MX80 is the size of an entry-level router but with more capacity (160Gbps). This model is also a great option for both 1G and 10G Ethernet, having a max of 80 1G ports and max of 8 10G ports. When it comes to scalability and flexibility – two of the three MIC slots are fully customizable enabling scale on an as-needed basis. The MX80 is a great option for an enterprise level facility that has space or power constraints.


The MX240 router represents the smallest available modular routers in this series. They perform much higher than the fixed-configuration models and offer networking facilities the most cost-effective option for a modular system. For a facility that requires the scalability and flexible port configurations of a modular router, the MX240 is the ideal entry-level option.

This router supports Ethernet up to 100G, providing network capabilities vastly beyond those of fixed-configuration models. The MX240 has lower port density and capacity compared to more expensive modular models in the MX Series. However, its compact size makes it ideal for facilities that prioritize space, as well as function, in their networking systems.


This scalable MX Series router delivers high-end functionality for facilities in need of flexible port configurations, high-end networking capabilities, and advanced applications. For service providers – including cable, data center, and mobile networks – the MX960 has the features you need.

The router takes up 16 rack units of space. But with that space, it supports 12 modular port concentrators for variable configurations. Its maximum capacity pushes 12 Tbps, which puts it ahead of every other MX Series router, supporting up to 100G Ethernet through twice as many ports as the next size down.

BrightStar Systems Offers Used Juniper Equipment

Juniper’s MX Series encompasses 14 diverse hardware models, far more than earlier series. MX Series routers offer more flexibility, scalability, size options, and port configurations than the J and M Series, supporting 100G Ethernet on the higher-end models.

MX routers represent the pinnacle of edge routing. Buying from BrightStar will significantly reduce CAPEX and our thorough testing procedure and 1-Year warranty will provide you with peace of mind  We  supply used end-of-life Juniper MX Series routers, such as the MX5 and MX80, as well as current models like the MX240, MX960, and many others.

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