The A9K-VSM-500 Is A Scalable Networking Solution Designed To Take On Growth
Cisco Routers ASR Series A9K-VSM-500
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    Unlock the benefits of virtualization to make your network more flexible, agile, and simpler to manage. The Cisco® Aggregation Services Router (ASR) 9000 Series Virtualized Services Module (VSM) makes it easy for service providers to transition network infrastructure services to virtual workloads. The VSM provides the capability to host Cisco, third-party, and custom applications in a virtualized environment much like a server blade on a router.

    This flexible, elastic approach lets you increase or decrease service capacity as needed, so there is no need to design for maximum capacity. Simplified provisioning and upgrades help you save time and reduce costly truck rolls for upgrades or troubleshooting. You can also use the Cisco ASR 9000 Series VSM to help you maximize the availability of services through virtual machine migration in the event of hardware failures. The module has its own processors, network interfaces, and memory that operate independently of the host router resources, helping ensure maximum concurrent routing and application performance.

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