The MX240 Is A Scalable Networking Solution Designed To Take On Growth
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    Used Juniper MX240

    The MX240 is the Entry-level Modular Router of the MX Series

    Pre-owned Juniper MX240 routers are the smallest routers with a modular design in the MX Series. But the specifications of the MX240 are much higher-performing than all the MX Series’ fixed-configuration routers. The MX240 router also is the most cost-effective solution for networks that require the flexibility and scalability of a modular router.

    Used MX240 Routers Offer Flexible Port Configurations in a Compact Body

    The Juniper MX240 router shares many baseline features with other modular MX Series routers, while keeping the size comparatively small at only 5 rack units (RU). One of those features is the use of Modular Port Concentrators (MPC) as opposed to Modular Interface Cards (MIC). MPCs hold multiple MICs, which allows for a greater number of port configuration options. The MX240 supports 2 MPCs.
    Like all other modular MX Series routers, the MX240 supports up to 100G Ethernet, including 1G, 10G and 40G Ethernet. At 1.92 Tbps, the maximum capacity of used Juniper MX240 routers is more than twice the capacity of the highest performing fixed-configuration router, the MX204. Pre-owned MX240 routers are capable of handling the most demanding networking applications, including cloud, enterprise, data center, service provider, cable and mobile.

    The MX240 is Designed Similarly to Higher-performing MX Series Modular Routers

    The chart below shows how the specifications of used surplus MX240 routers compare to some of the other modular routers in the MX Series. Although the MX240 has a lower overall port density and capacity than other modular MX Series routers, the MX240 is smaller, making it better for networking facilities with limited space.

    Modular MX Series Router Comparison Chart

    MX240 MX480 MX960
    Rack Units 5 8 16
    Slots 2 MPCs 6 MPCs 12 MPCs
    Max Capacity 1.92 Tbps 5.76 Tbps 10.56 Tbps
    Max 1G Ethernet Ports 80 240 440
    Max 10G Ethernet Ports 80 240 440
    Max 40G Ethernet Ports 24 72 132
    Max 100G Ethernet Ports 8 24 44

    The MX204 Is A Scalable Networking Solution Designed To Take On Growth

    In addition to the specifications highlighted in the chart, BrightStar Systems has access to in-depth PDF datasheets that dive further into the differences between used MX240 routers and other modular MX Series routers. Please contact our team if you would like to review more detailed information in order to determine which MX Series router will work best for you.

    We Supplement Our Low Prices with a Superior Shipping Process

    As an independent dealer of used Juniper MX240 routers, we can ensure you the lowest purchase prices on our in-stock pre-owned devices. We also make sure that all our orders are shipped quickly and arrive in great condition, so you can hook up your hardware right away.

    We purchase in bulk from Fortune 500 companies and service providers, which keeps our prices down. And the fact that we carry used surplus Juniper MX240 routers in stock means there’s no delay in sending out the equipment you purchase. With stocking facilities in the United States and Europe, we’re prepared to ship orders of all sizes all over the world.

    If you’re interested in ordering used MX240 routers, or any other MX Series products, please contact our sales team and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

    We Help You Maximize Your Profits When You Sell Pre-owned MX240 Routers

    At BrightStar Systems, we believe you deserve to get the most value out of your used Juniper MX240 routers. That’s why we not only offer top dollar for pre-owned equipment, but we also do everything we can to cut down on additional costs.

    We cover the shipping costs when you sell us MX240 routers, whether it’s a domestic or international sale. If you’re selling in bulk, we’ll schedule a freight pickup at your convenience. The only thing you have to do is prepare your equipment for pickup.

    If you’re looking to sell used MX240 routers that have been sitting idle on shelves and you’re not sure what condition they’re in, we’ll test them at no cost to make sure they’re working properly.

    Contact us if you have pre-owned Juniper MX240 routers that you want to sell, and we’ll put you in touch with one of our sales associates to get the process started.

    Our Payment Process Gives You the Freedom to Do What Works Best for You

    We’ve been in business for more than 20 years, and during that time we’ve refined our payment processes to ensure a smooth transaction for every purchase and sale. We let you tell us what you’re looking to sell or what you want to buy. Once we’ve finalized a list of equipment, we work with you to determine a price you’re happy with. We can pay up front for your used MX240 routers, or send a check after we’ve made sure the equipment is in working condition – whichever method works best for you.

    We’re Here to Help You Before, During and After the Transaction

    Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. In order to make sure you’re one-hundred percent satisfied with your purchase, we offer assistance with setting up and installing used MX240 routers you purchase from us. On top of that, all our pre-owned MX240 routers come with BrightStar Systems’ 1-Year In-House Warranty. In other words, you don’t have to worry about covering the cost of repairing or replacing equipment for at least a year.

    Contact us today to find out about our best deals for in-stock used Juniper MX240 routers. And if you’re wanting to sale pre-owned Juniper hardware, we’ll set you up with a sales associate who can put together an offer for you.

    BrightStar Systems is not an authorized Juniper partner and we have no affiliation with Juniper Networks. BrightStar Systems is an independent used Juniper networking hardware reseller.

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