Juniper EX Series Switches

Juniper EX Series Switches

Today’s enterprises require high performance, secure networks that are scalable, reliable, and productivity enhancing. You probably already know that Juniper Networks creates some of the top network equipment for high performance businesses, but we are going to dive into one of their most powerful and effective lines of network switches, the Juniper EX Series.

Juniper EX Series Ethernet switches are powerful, cloud-grade switches designed to meet the needs of branch office, campus location, service provider, and data center network infrastructure. They run on JUNOS OS, which provides high level switching, routing, and security capabilities that give enterprises and service providers a competitive edge. JUNOS software strategically utilizes one operating system with a single source code and a single modular architecture that performs consistently while continuously improving and accelerating innovation within network operations.

The carrier grade reliability and high availability of Juniper hardware and JUNOS software make EX Series switches a highly trusted and long tested network solution for high-performance enterprises. They address high-level demands such as security risk management through the integration of Unified Access Control (UAC), which delivers additional layers of network protection through user authentication, guest access, virus checks, identity based Quality of Service (QoS) policies, and blocking distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Each model features eight Quality-of-Service (QoS) queues per port, allowing for flexible configuration options and successful application control. EX-Series switches are highly scalable through a single point of management and network virtualization, giving them a low total cost of ownership (TCO). The pay-as-you-grow architecture of these network designs allow users to start small and expand along with their business growth and needs. A competitive edge can be gained in the market by utilizing this cost-reducing model of innovative technology.

The Juniper EX Series includes nine sub-series of switches, available in fixed and modular configurations that have access, aggregate and core networking capabilities. Most EX Series switches are also 1 Rack Unit (RU), which makes them ideal for enterprise network environments and facilities that have limited space for hardware. Another great feature is that almost every switch in the EX Series is available in multiple port configurations, allowing you to customize your juniper hardware, based on your networking needs. Both the aggregate and access switches support virtual chassis technology, allowing a combination of interconnected network switches to operate and be managed as a single logical device. Some EX Series switches can also be combined with QFX Series for a mixed virtual chassis. Below, we outline the EX sub-series of Juniper hardware platforms, categorized by networking capability.

Access EX Series Switches:


  • Compact, environmentally friendly, cost-effective access switches for branch offices, low-density campus networks, and crowded wiring closets and access locations with limited space and power supplies.
  • 1 RU, fixed configuration switches that support mostly 1G ethernet ports



  • Compact, economical, high-density solutions for small network environments with limited space and power supplies, such as micro branches and workgroup environments.
  • 1 RU, fixed configuration switches that support up to 10G ethernet ports



  • Compact, cost-effective, and flexible solutions for campus and data center environments that would benefit from a pay-as-you-grow model.
  • 1 RU, fixed configuration switches that support up to 10G ethernet ports



  • Compact, cost-effective, flexible solutions for converged data, voice, and video enterprise access networks with levels of performance and management competitive with higher-end access switches.
  • 1 RU, fixed configuration switches that support up to 40G ethernet ports.



  • Compact, scalable, flexible solutions for campus, data center, and branch office environments.
  • 1 RU, fixed configuration switches that support up to 10G ethernet ports



  • Compact, scalable and cost-effective solutions for high-performance campus and data center
  • 1 RU, fixed configurations switches that support up to 40G ethernet ports


Aggregate EX Series Switches:


  • Compact, power-efficient, fixed configuration switch platform that performs well for enterprise campus, data center, and service provider
  • 1 RU, supporting up to 40G ethernet ports



  • Compact, highly scalable, partially modular configuration switches, ideal for enterprise campus distribution deployments and low-density data center
  • 1 RU, supporting up to 40G ethernet ports


Core EX Series Switches:


  • 100 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Three different chassis which allows for greater port configuration flexibility.
    • EX9204 – 5 RU, 3 line cards
    • EX9208 – 8 RU, 6 line cards
    • EX9214 – 16 RU, 12 line cards

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