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What Is a Universal Routing Platform?

Cloud computing grew by more than 600% between 2010 and 2020, and about 90% of businesses out there rely on the cloud. Google Drive and Dropbox are two of the biggest cloud storage services in the world, but there are many others. Have you ever stopped to consider the behind-the-scenes world of all of the traffic a cloud networking provider manages? 

As Google is one of the biggest, it helps to look at all they offer when it comes to cloud networking. You have Google Drive’s components like Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Forms, but there’s also Gmail, Meet, Jamboard, Chat, and Sites. Building a complete website is possible with Google, but you also have the services for collaboration, video conferences, instant messaging, note-taking, etc. 

As an organization or company builds a network, a website, online stores, databases, and all of the technology that connects to an organization’s or business’s network, security, speed, and optimal performance must all be considered. 

Digital transformation is a process where data is organized in a way that creates additional value. For a digital transformation to go well, data must be accessible in a reliable, fast, and efficient way. It must use the most current automation. Most importantly, it has to offer security against hacks and theft. This is where a universal routing platform comes in.

What Does a Universal Routing Platform Do?

A universal routing platform is an all-in-one tool for interacting with cloud, mobile, and video technology and a local network. The last thing a business wants is for traffic flowing through a site or cloud storage to create spikes that tank speeds. Consumers, employees, and stakeholders all expect information in seconds, and a universal routine platform enables this speed.

At the same time, accessing information, completing a sale, submitting a request, or getting work completed on a cloud-based spreadsheet or database requires security. A universal routing platform also focuses heavily on security as we do live in a world where bad players are trying to get their hands on customer data or your company information. You can’t have that.

A universal routing platform serves as your gateway, services router, firewall, DDoS control plane, threat detection, Data Center Interconnect, network architecture, and a programmable Trio chipset that enables your organization or company to get quick solutions for flow monitoring.

Introducing Juniper’s MX Series

Universal routing platforms are not one-size-fits-all. You need to work with a company that allows you to choose the best system for your company or organization’s requirements. You need to be able to build a system that delivers exactly what you need without forgoing quality or desired features. The MX Series from Juniper has a stellar reputation for being agile and reliable in all of these aspects.

  • Broadband Network Gateway – Provides a platform for the largest number of users and the latest broadband edge features.
  • Business Edge – Makes sure customer LSAs meet network conditions and supports L2/L2.5/L3 VPN services.
  • Cloud Edge/Data Center – Supports overlay encapsulation and incorporates data plane security
  • Enterprise WAN – Allows you to build a customized overlay network on top of a service provider’s Layer 2 or MPLS network.
  • Internet/Peering Gateway – Ensures a reliable, high-performing connection with service network providers and the Internet.
  • Mobile Backhaul – Enables deployments in next-gen mobile applications such as 5G and includes switching, security, and routing features with hardware-based timing.
  • Universal Metro/Aggregation – Routing and switching features that let you choose the best deployment model for your business and technical requirements.
  • Universal SDN Gateway – Connects virtual and physical networks, even if they’re operating with different technologies.

While Juniper has several MX Series platforms, there are three that we’re going to take a closer look at.

  1. MX80 – Smaller Scale for Start-Ups

This fixed-configuration universal routing platform is lightweight with a max weight of 30 pounds. It’s not too large at 17.5” x 3.5” x 23.5”. You can fit 24 chassis per rack and it has two MS-MIC slots and four 10GbE interfaces. 

A minimum operating temperature of 32ºF and a max of 115ºF are needed and humidity levels of 5% to 90% are required. With a max capacity of 160 Gbps, this is an effective router for a smaller business or organization that still requires ethernet connections for network connectivity. 

Who is the MX80 best for? It’s a great choice for start-ups looking to get started with universal routing platforms.

  1. MX204 – A Great Choice for Mid-Sized Organizations and Companies

The MX204 is an SDN-enabled cloud-grade routing platform with 400 Gbps of throughput and a high-density 10GbE, 40 GbE, and 100 GbE interface in one unit. It’s a powerful platform that has a full-service suite with 1:1 NAT and a firewall. Automation and telemetry form the MX204’s Self-Driving Network with stringent timing and synchronization that meet the requirements of financial services and mobile-forward companies. 

Who is the MX204 going to help? This is a great universal routing platform for mobile network operators, multi-service or web-scale operators, and service providers. 

  1. MX480 – A Powerful System for Larger Groups of Users

Juniper’s MX480 is a modular router capable of speeds of up to 7.5 Tbps. There are eight rack units and each holds six systems per rack. Each horizontal slot has a capacity of up to 1.5 Tbps. Energy consumption is 0.5 watts per gigabit per system level. It’s backward compatible and features AES-256 MACsec line-side encryption.

What are the different features found in the MX480? It offers optimal security with firewall filters and DDoS protections. Inline services include mirroring, threat detection, and flow and video monitoring. Other important features include Web filtering, DNS sinkhole, server traffic load balancing, virtual router/switch, OAM, OpenConfig, and PCEP.

Who is the MX480 going to help?

The MX480 is optimized for cable, campus, cloud, data center, enterprise, mobile service, and service providers. 

It does weigh 180 pounds when fully loaded or 65.5 pounds empty and takes up a space measuring 17.5” x 14” x 24.5”. When positioning the system, allow for side-to-side airflow and an operating humidity of 5% to 90%. A minimum operating temperature of 32ºF and a max of 115ºF are needed.

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