The A9K-RSP880-SE Is A Scalable Networking Solution Designed To Take On Growth
Cisco Routers ASR Series A9K-RSP880-SE
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    The ASR 9000 RSP 880 brings the time-tested and robust carrier-class capabilities of Cisco IOS® XR Software to the Carrier Ethernet edge. The operating system supports true software process modularity. And it allows each process to run in separate protected memory, including each routing protocol, along with multiple instances of control, data, and management planes supported. The software also supports distributed route processing.

    The ASR 9000 RSP 880 is designed to deliver the high scalability, performance, and fast convergence required for today’s and tomorrow’s demanding video, cloud, and mobile services. These features provide exceptional scale, service flexibility, and high availability:

    • Integrated switch fabric architecture:
    • Distributed switch fabric architecture
    • Multistage low-latency nonblocking architecture
    • Service intelligence and traffic prioritization
    • Superior network-timing capabilities with support for:
    • Centralized Building Integrated Timing Supply (BITS)
    • Precision Time Protocol (PTP), or IEEE 1588-2008, through dedicated 10-Mbps or 100-Mbps Ethernet port
    • Bidirectional time of day (ToD) with 10-MHz and 1-pps interfaces

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