The RE-S-1800X4-16G-S Is A Scalable Networking Solution Designed To Take On Growth
Juniper Routers/Switches MX-Series RE-S-1800X4-16G-S
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    Refurbished Juniper RE-S-1800X4-16G-S Routing Engine for Sale

    Routing Engine

    RE-S-1800X4-16G-S Routing Engine

    The Juniper RE S 1800X4 16G S is a routing engine compatible with Juniper MX Series routers, including the MX240, MX480, and MX960.

    Juniper RE-S-1800X4-16G-S Features

    One of the best features of RE-S-1800X4-16G-S configurations is flexibility and performance. The Juniper RE S 1800X4 16G S configuration is powered by a quad-core 1.80GHz processor with 16GB of RAM for maximum performance.

    The Juniper RE-S-1800X4-16G-S routing engine runs on JunosOS, which maintains routing tables, manages routing protocols, and controls router interfaces. RE-S-1800X4-16G-S also allows you to control certain chassis components by providing a system management interface. Like the rest of the RE S 1800X4 lineup, the RE-S-1800X4-16G-S comes with a 32GB SSD and 4GB CompactFlash card for easy monitoring and maintenance.

    Additionally, the Juniper RE-S-1800X4-16G-S packs multiple ports and connectivity options, including a USB port for interface access, 1 RJ-45 auxiliary management port, 1 RJ-45 console management port, and 1 RJ-45 10/100Base-TX Network Auto-sensing management port.

    Juniper RE-S-1800X4-16G-S Vs RE-S-1800X4-16G-R

    As for the Juniper RE-S-1800X4-16G-S vs RE-S-1800X4-16G-R, there are many similarities, including the ports and connectivity. However, the RE-S-1800X4-16G-R is the “redundant” version, meaning it is configured as a backup in the event your primary routing engine fails. Functionally, the RE-S-1800X4-16-S and RE-S-1800X4-16G-R are the same.

    Learn all about the Juniper RE-S-1800X4G-R here.


    • Product Type : Routing Engine
    • Compatibility : Juniper MX-series Routers: MX240 MX480 MX960
    • Manufacturer Part Number : RE-S-1800X4-16G-S
    • Packaged Quantity : 1
    • Form Factor : Plug-in Module
    • Manufacturer : Juniper Networks, Inc
    • Brand Name : Juniper