We buy, sell and refurbish some of the world’s most important networking equipment.

Supplying Used Juniper & Arista Networking Hardware Throughout Canada

Here at BrightStar Systems we live routing and networking hardware day in and day out, and we know that Juniper and Arista are gaining significant market share. This makes it more important than ever for end users and resellers of networking equipment to build a relationship with a used Juniper and Arista supplier that caters to Canada and has decades of experience and knowledgeable staff capable of navigating the various solutions available to determine which products are the best fit for a particular use case. That’s why BrightStar Systems maintains a team of dedicated networking professionals capable of crafting a solution tailor-made for each unique application.

BrightStar knows that once the right solution is determined, it’s important that the dealer is then able to get the product they have resold delivered on time and at the lowest possible price. We also recognize that if an IT team in Canada is looking to maximize bandwidth, throughput, or feature sets while minimizing cost, it would be wise to consider a used equipment solution from a used Juniper or Arista reseller that knows the Canadian market. We keep these ideals in mind while executing the process of acquiring used Juniper and Arista equipment, and they have helped us become one of the world’s largest and most trusted used Juniper and Arista suppliers.

Reliable Supplier for Used Juniper & Arista Products

IT teams don’t want to risk doing business with a used Arista supplier that isn’t testing the switches they are reselling, or a used Juniper vendor that isn’t familiar with international shipping logistics. With the market for used Juniper and Arista equipment in Canada being as crowded as it is, how can you determine which suppliers add value and which ones are reselling low-quality equipment? The best way is to evaluate the reputation a vendor has built across Canada and examine how much they stand behind their products.

When you begin to take this approach, it becomes clear why IT teams and data centers across Canada trust BrightStar Systems to supply the used networking hardware that ensures their LANs and WANs stay up, their users are productive and their SLAs are met. Why? Because BrightStar delivers products at a price point lower than the competition in Canada while maintaining quality standards that are second to none. With all BrightStar products fully tested and covered by our BrightStar 1-Year In-House Warranty, sysadmins and CIOs throughout Canada know that whether they choose a single used Arista switch to get that last IDF online or a few dozen used Juniper routers to connect MDFs at different campuses across Canada, BrightStar is the supplier that will get them the highest quality equipment at the lowest price.


Our Commitment to All Our Canadian Customers

BrightStar Systems is more than just a used Juniper and Arista reseller to our customers in Canada. We are experts in the field of networking and have mastered the quality and logistics processes necessary to deliver well architected solutions to IT teams across Canada. BrightStar Systems brings the best of both used Juniper and Arista supplies to customers through top-notch service that is grounded in technical know-how and operational efficiencies that keep prices lower than the competition.

Additionally, by mastering the supply chain, we are able to keep our resold equipment prices low for customers all across Canada. Not only is BrightStar Systems the go-to used Juniper supplier for a number of large data centers in Canada and the used Arista reseller of choice for IT project managers, we also offer wholesale and bulk pricing to other vendors in need of a used Juniper or Arista reseller in Canada that can provide the quality networking solutions their customers demand.

If you are in need of used Arista or Juniper products in the Canadian marketplace, contact us today to find out how our team can help get you the most out of your IT investment.

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