We buy, sell and refurbish some of the world’s most important networking equipment.

Offering an Extensive Selection of Used Juniper and Arista Equipment throughout Germany

What separates one used Juniper or Arista supplier from another? Quality of service and competitive pricing. You need to know you’re working with a supplier known for its expertise and reliability. That’s what sets BrightStar Systems apart from other used Juniper resellers and Arista suppliers within the Germany marketplace. IT buyers from Berlin to Frankfurt to Cologne will tell you about our knowledgeable service personnel, fast and safe shipping, and low prices. That’s why they call us for their used Juniper and Arista supply needs.

BrightStar Systems is one of the largest and most respected used Juniper resellers and used Arista suppliers that caters to Germany and the international community. Our expert knowledge of a wide array of network equipment establishes us as a dealer of choice for companies seeking a reliable used Juniper and Arista reseller.


Independent Used Juniper Reseller in Germany

Juniper Networks products are well-known for innovative designs that accelerate business growth by streamlining operational complexity and cutting capital expenditures. As a well-established used Juniper reseller for Germany, we will help you select the right equipment for your needs. When you are looking for the most economical – yet effective – approach to your network requirements, you can rely on our expertise to make the difference in your equipment acquisition.

We offer the following Juniper products for resale in Germany:

  • EX4600-40F-AFO
  • MPC4E-3D-2CGE-8XGE
  • MX80-AC
  • QFX5100-48S-AFO
  • And many more – contact us for an updated list for Germany.

As an experienced used Juniper reseller servicing Germany, we know what it takes to deliver the products and services you need to help your business thrive. We thoroughly inspect and test every used Juniper product that is resold to ensure it meets or exceeds the published specifications to ensure maximum uptime for your application. Our used Juniper supplies are designed to do the heavy lifting of the high-performance network while delivering real business benefits.

We also buy used Juniper and Arista equipment for sale, and you’ll appreciate working with an experienced used Juniper reseller for Germany who can offer you the best pricing for your equipment. We are constantly seeking used Juniper equipment throughout Europe.


Independent Arista Reseller in Germany

Arista Networks designs multilayer network switches for data centers, cloud computing, and high-performance computing. As your trusted used Arista reseller for Germany, every Arista product we resell is thoroughly tested. We resell used Arista in Germany because we understand the need to maximize business uptime: Arista products protect your investment and overcome the complexity that can oftentimes be inherent in your network.

Some of our popular Arista products for sale include:

  • Arista 7280SE-64
  • Arista 7280QR-C72
  • Arista 7160-32CQ
  • Arista 7160-48YC6
  • Arista 7050SX2-72Q
  • Arista 7150s-24
  • And many more – contact us for an expanded list for Germany.


With many years of network experience reselling used Arista equipment throughout Germany, we routinely deliver the products and services you need to help reduce complexity and streamline your operations. We thoroughly inspect and test every Arista product we resell to ensure it meets or exceeds the published specifications.

We also buy used Arista equipment for sale, and you’ll appreciate working with an experienced used Arista reseller for Germany who can offer you the best pricing for your equipment.  We are constantly seeking used Arista equipment for Germany and throughout Europe.


Highly Responsive Staff Trained to Help You

Here at Brightstar Systems, our trained and knowledgeable staff is available to help you work through even the most complex equipment needs. Our team servicing Germany stays abreast of the latest Juniper and Arista technologies, so whether you need a used Juniper reseller or used Arista reseller, our team is here to help you at every turn.


Sensitive to Your Budget Requirements

As an independent used Juniper reseller and used Arista supplier for Germany, we guarantee your satisfaction with all aspects of your order. That’s why we offer a BrightStar Systems 1-Year In-House Warranty on all products we resell in Germany and around the world.


Fast and Safe Shipping

You’ll get your order quickly and safely with our expert order fulfillment team. Your equipment order is professionally packaged with top quality packing materials, so wherever you are in Germany you can rest assured your equipment will arrive damage free. We also offer cost-effective shipping solutions throughout Germany and across other international markets.

Servicing many areas throughout Germany including Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt and many more. Contact us today for more information in your local area!


BrightStar Systems is not an authorized Juniper or Arista partner and we have no affiliation with Juniper Networks or Arista Networks. BrightStar Systems is an independent used Juniper and Arista networking hardware reseller.