In Depth Look: Arista 7280R

Arista 7280R

Arista products are well-known in the network hardware industry for their agility, availability, security, and scalability within cognitive cloud networking and high computing environments. Arista Networks, out of Santa Clara, specializes in high-performance ethernet switches, one of which is the Arista 7280R. We will be taking an in depth look at some of the advantages of the Arista 7280 series and discuss which sectors its performance is best suited for.

The Arista 7280R series universal leaf is designed to be a single leaf switch that can handle next generation IP storage networks, routing platforms, general or cloud computing, content delivery, and large-scale data center interconnect that meet the needs of some of the highest performance environments and IP peering networks, leading to simplified designs that reduce OPEX and CAPEX. Multi-chassis link aggregation technology supports leaf and spine networks, helping to achieve low-latency, optimized traffic flows, and better scalability. The Arista 7280 switches deliver highly scalable network performance by combining L2 and L3 features and high density with advanced features for network monitoring, precision timing and network virtualization. These capabilities address the demands of modern networking needs that require a lossless forwarding solution.

The Arista 7280R switches feature deep buffering, virtual output queue architecture that support several options of 10G, 40G, and 100G Ethernet Port Configurations, but every model can support up to 100gbe systems. There are a total of 18 models within the Arista 7280R Series, all of which are high-speed, purpose built fixed-configuration devices and only 1 rack unit (RU) or 2 RU. The Arista 7280 sub-series include the Arista 7280CR, 7280QR, 7280SR, 7280TR, and Arista 7280R Series models that support MACsec ports. The broad range of interfaces and density choice, along with options for customization, provides a great deal of deployment flexibility to ensure you are getting the correct hardware to fit your needs. Customization options include the direction of airflow to promote power efficiency (front to rear and rear to front) and the power supply choices of DC and AC. Some models also support Arista AlgoMatch which helps to improve power efficiency through flexible and scalable network policy control.

One of the most important advantages to discuss is the extremely advanced network operating system that all Arista products run on, Arista EOS (Extensible Operating System). This Linux-based network operation system is highly modular, fully programmable, and runs a single binary software image across all Arista switches, simplifying network administration. Advanced Arista EOS features, such as precision timing, VXLAN network virtualization and workflow automation, combined with the 7280R Series hardware provide some of the highest-level networking solutions for next-generation data centers, cloud networks, and service providers. Arista LANZ is an important part of EOS that provides real-time flow visibility into deep buffer utilization, clear identification of traffic patterns without relying on polling, sampling, or dedicated external devices. High capacity sFlow engines can deliver a million+ packets of sFlow analysis per second of analysis for critical event monitoring that ensures no activity goes unnoticed. This level of security, monitoring, and traffic control is highly important for solving database performance monitoring.

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