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QFX5110-32Q-AFI Ethernet Switch

The Juniper QFX5110-32Q-AFI is a high-performance data center access and aggregation switch compatible with Juniper MX Series routers, including the MX240, MX480, MX960, MX2008, MX2010, and the MX2020.

Juniper QFX5110-32Q-AFI Features

The Juniper QFX5110-32Q boasts high-speed ports, supporting 40-Gbps or 100-Gbps natively. With 28 QSFP+ ports, numbers 0 through 19 offer additional flexibility by also being able to support 10-Gbps speeds when configured as Flexi-pic and channelized using QSFP+ to SFP+ DAC breakout (DACBO) cables.

Though all ports can be used as either uplink or access ports, it is recommended to configure the four QSFP28 ports (28 through 31) as uplinks to fully utilize their 100-Gbps capabilities. Additionally, the port panel provides PTP connections to a grandmaster clock and 10-MHz pulses-per-second (PPS) SubMiniature B (SMB) input and output connections to measure timing drift.

All QFX5110 switches run Junos OS, Juniper’s powerful and robust network operating system that powers all Juniper switches, routers, and firewalls. The QFX5110 switches are designed to streamline network operations and simplify deployment with advanced automation features. This includes zero-touch provisioning for effortless setup, operations and event scripts for automated management, automatic rollback for enhanced security, and powerful Python scripting capabilities for customizing your network.

With this powerful switch, you’ll have the flexibility to meet the demands of any data center environment.

Juniper QFX5110-32Q-AFI Vs QFX5110-32Q-AFO

As for the Juniper QFX5110-32Q-AFI Vs QFX5110-32Q-AFO, there are a few similarities, including the throughput. However, the QFX5110-32Q-AFI supports back-to-front AC power, while the QFX5110-32Q-AFO supports front-to-back AC power. Learn more about the Juniper QFX5110 Ethernet Switch.

All Juniper QFX5110-32Q-AFI ethernet switches provide flexible configurations. If you need help determining if QFX5110-32Q-AFI devices are best for your needs, our network professionals can point you in the right direction.

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