We buy, sell and refurbish some of the world’s most important networking equipment.

BrightStar Systems is Your Go-to Source for Buying and Selling Used Juniper Switches

At BrightStar Systems, we supply pre-owned Juniper switches in great condition and at affordable prices. Our used Juniper switches for sale range from entry-level models to devices that feature some of the most advanced specifications available.

We also buy pre-owned Juniper switches. And, because we’re an independent dealer of Juniper hardware, we’re able to offer you better prices for your previously owned equipment.

But when you work with us, you not only get great deals on used Juniper switches and excellent value out of the pre-owned hardware you sell, you also receive personable and responsive customer service. Our team of networking professionals knows all our products inside and out and is able to answer any questions and clear up any concerns you have.

We Sell Pre-owned Juniper Switches to Buyers All Over the World

We have a wide variety of used Juniper switches for sale, but we specialize in two particular series, the EX Series and the QFX Series.

  • EX Series switches: The EX Series includes switches that will fit into any networking environment. There are six access-level switches, two aggregate-level switches and one core-level switch that’s available in three different chassis. Only the core-level switch, the EX9200, supports up to 100G Ethernet. The switches that make up the other two subseries support a maximum of 40G Ethernet.
  • QFX Series switches: The QFX Series is comprised of the highest performing Juniper switches. It’s broken up into three subseries, the QFX5100 subseries, the QFX5200 subseries and the QFX10000 subseries. Every QFX Series switch can be configured to support up to 100G Ethernet.

We buy pre-owned Juniper switches in bulk from enterprises, network providers and fortune 500 companies located all over the world to keep our prices down. Buying equipment in large quantities also allows us to maintain a huge inventory of refurbished Juniper switches for sale. That means there’s no lag time between when you purchase your switches and when they are shipped.

With storage facilities on two continents, you can trust us to deliver your pre-owned Juniper switches quickly. But making sure your equipment arrives securely is just as important, which is why we use only the finest packaging materials for all our shipments – not to mention some of the used Juniper switches we buy are still in the original factory-sealed containers.

To find out more about our used surplus Juniper switches for sale, or to purchase pre-owned equipment, please contact our sales team. You can also check out our comprehensive guides on buying used network equipment and selling pre-owned network equipment.

We Make it Simple and Easy to Sell Your Previously Owned Juniper Switches

Over the course of more than 20 years of selling Juniper equipment, we’ve streamlined our purchasing process so it’s a hassle-free experience for sellers. We’ve also implemented additional services and incentives to help increase your earnings when you sell pre-owned Juniper switches.

Once you’ve decided to sell your used Juniper switches to us, all you have to do is approve the final purchase price and get the materials ready for shipping. We’ll take care of the rest. BrightStar Systems will pay for the shipping and organize freight pickup for bulk purchases – if necessary. We’ll also pay you in advance for your used equipment.

Once we receive your hardware, we’ll run it through an inspection process. As long as every piece of equipment meets our operating standards, you’ll keep the entire up-front payment. And if you’d prefer we inspect the equipment first and then send you a check after deducting any malfunctioning devices, we can do that as well.

Please contact us if you’re interested in selling your pre-owned Juniper switches.