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Independent Juniper & Arista Used Equipment Reseller for Australia

We pride ourselves at Brightstar Systems for providing trusted brands and service. As one of the leading used Juniper and Arista resellers for Australia, our company was built upon a strong customer service platform. Offering quality networking and IT products represent a large portion of our business, but there is more to our company philosophy. As a champion used Arista and Juniper reseller, the staff at Brightstar Systems value our customers above all else. We view our buyers as long-term partnerships. Developing a relationship with us as your trusted used Juniper and Arista networking equipment resource guarantees:

  • Fast shipping
  • Expert product knowledge
  • Fair prices below market value

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Supplying Used Juniper & Arista Products Throughout the Australia Marketplace

Brightstar Systems has a solid reputation on both domestic and international soils for being one of the largest and most reliable independent resellers for both Juniper and Arista used equipment. With superior brand knowledge and a commitment to our customers, the staff at our company will accompany you throughout the entire buying cycle – from purchase to delivery and installation. Juniper and Arista supplies and equipment are an economical choice with performance ready standards.

We pride our ability to supply them on a global scale and maintain one of the largest used inventories of both lines of products. As both a used Juniper and Arista reseller for our Australia customers, our brand choice reflects the demand and popularity of the networking industry. Brightstar Systems purchases used Juniper and Arista systems from a large variety of businesses at which point they enter our refurbishing process. Our networking specialists are able to answer detailed questions to offer complete buying assistance when making your purchasing requirements. The goal as an international used Juniper and Arista reseller in Australia is to make the process seamless and simplified.

Because of all our years in the business and high level of expertise, we are able to navigate almost any kind of purchase. Our clients include both small and large data centers, and we offer wholesale accounts to other independent resellers around the country. The cost savings features are attractive to companies wanting to regain some of their equipment investment back in an effort to streamline or liquidate older systems. Resale companies like ours are able to pass this savings onto our clients by providing bulk used systems at a fraction of the normal cost.


Five Strong Benefits of Juniper Equipment include the following:

  1. The platform range is extensive and far more standards compliant than most.
  2. All Juniper Supplies have consistent interfaces.
  3. Juniper has invested significant efforts to make sure the line is user-friendly
  4. Changes can be easily backed up.
  5. Configurations are validated before they are applied.


Our complete Used Juniper and Arista supply offerings include the following:

  • Juniper EX-4600-40F-AFO
  • Juniper MPC4E-3D-2CGE-8XGE
  • Juniper MX240BASE-AC-HIGH
  • Juniper MX80-AC
  • Juniper QFX5100-48S-AFO
  • Juniper QSFP-100GBASE-LR4
  • Arista Product Offerings:
  • Arista 7280SE-64
  • Arista 7289QR-C72
  • Arista 7160-32CQ
  • Arista 7160-48YC6
  • Arista 7050SX2-72Q
  • Arista 7150S-24


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