We buy, sell and refurbish some of the world’s most important networking equipment.

Reselling Used Arista & Juniper Supplies Throughout Hong Kong

Brightstar Systems constantly purchases used Arista and Juniper equipment internationally –including hard to find Arista and Juniper supply items. If we don’t have the Arista and Juniper product you need on hand then we’ll get it for you.

We are experts in the used IT equipment marketplace. As Hong Kong’s trusted supplier of top-quality used Arista and Juniper hardware we help your company significantly lower your net IT costs. All of our hardware is rigorously tested and backed by our BrightStar 1-Year In-House Warranty.

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  • We’re highly experienced in Arista and Juniper implementation–and ready to answer all of your project questions.
  • We’ll help you gather project requirements–freeing you to focus on daily operations.
  • We create customized solutions ideal for your company–at extremely competitive pricing.


As Hong Kong used resellers of both Arista and Juniper products, we can maximize the performance of your legacy equipment. Or, when you no longer need your Arista and Juniper equipment we help you dispose of it–to get you money, equipment, or credit for your used Arista and Juniper supplies.

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Choosing Your Arista & Juniper Equipment

Count on us as your partner in planning and specifying your project requirements. We have years of experience we draw upon to help you consider all aspects of the project and your company needs. Costs associated with managing multiple servers can be reduced with implementation of a single, more powerful server. For a fraction of the cost of purchasing new Arista and Juniper equipment, you can consolidate and upgrade the system with top quality used Arista and Juniper supplies and parts.

Asset Disposition for Used Arista & Juniper Supplies

Brightstar Systems offers revenue sharing or up-front purchasing of used Arista and Juniper supplies and equipment, with credit toward future purchases as an option. Our asset disposition plan gives you documented and fully audit-capable end results.

Used Arista Reseller for Hong Kong

We carry Arista’s full range of high-performance, ultra low-latency switches. With Arista enterprise switching and the Brightstar Systems guarantee, we decrease the cost of network ownership while consistently maximizing your uptime. Beyond used Arista hardware equipment, you can rely on Arista EOS as the most advanced network operating system.

Independent Juniper Reseller for Hong Kong

We stock a massive inventory of used Juniper supply products and offer affordable, fast ground transportation for orders of all sizes. Used Juniper equipment and our Brightstar Systems guarantee means you can enjoy quality that’s affordable. Avoid compromising your network’s value and integrity by using the right Juniper hardware for your company’s needs. If the used Juniper equipment you need isn’t in stock, we can get it.

Upgrade your Arista or Juniper equipment now.


Brightstar Systems in the Hong Kong IT Market

Throughout Hong Kong, we provide high-performance, flexible solutions with used Arista and Juniper products so companies can capitalize on opportunities to innovate and grow.

  • We strive to provide hassle-free customer service that relieves you of additional burdens while you manage your daily network operations.
  • We help lower your costs of ownership by buying your used and unused equipment. Options include fair-market value for your items or trade-in to go toward your used equipment.
  • We focus on being authentic, personable, and customer centered.


Disaster Preparedness and Recovery You Can Afford

Utilizing used Arista and Juniper equipment and parts to reconstruct systems into powerful infrastructures can be part of a strong disaster recovery plan. You can be up and running well on a reliable system.


Keeping Used Arista & Juniper Stock On-Hand

IT departments who keep Arista and Juniper replacement hardware and parts on hand minimize lost production time in case of disaster. Save money by stocking used Arista or Juniper supply parts and equipment at a fraction of the cost.

Ensure your hardware is disaster proof.


Shipping and Warranty for Your Arista & Juniper Equipment

All of our networking hardware is fully tested to ensure it’s in operable condition, and you can expect your product to always arrive safely and on time. In addition, we offer a BrightStar 1-Year In-House Warranty on all our products.


BrightStar Systems is not an authorized Juniper or Arista partner and we have no affiliation with Juniper Networks or Arista Networks. BrightStar Systems is an independent used Juniper and Arista networking hardware reseller.