We buy, sell and refurbish some of the world’s most important networking equipment.

Used Arista Reseller, Vendor and Distributor

BrightStar Systems is a leading independent supplier of used Arista switches, transceivers, and cables. Our pre-owned and refurbished surplus of networking hardware is guaranteed to be high-quality and cost-effective. Whether you’re looking to replace one piece of equipment or upgrade an entire system, you can depend on us to supply you with top-performing, pre-owned Arista networking hardware.

Finding a trusted Arista Networks distributor doesn’t need to be complicated. As one of the best Arista Networks resellers available, we offer our customers much more than quality products at cost-effective prices. Keep reading to find out what separates us from other used Arista vendors.

What Makes Us an Exceptional Arista Reseller

Businesses that revolve around data centers, telecommunications, financial ECNs and more, rely on our used Arista products to manage their information and grow. Arista’s products serve a range of needs and can suit large enterprises with a high volume of data flow.

All Arista products run on the same EOS operating system, which can streamline network administration. Arista designed the system’s architecture for ease of use with software updates and overall resiliency through separating switch state, protocol processing and application logic.

We sell used and pre-owned Arista hardware, including switches, cables and transceivers, to companies of all sizes — primarily hosting companies and services providers — around the world. BrightStar Systems also buys networking equipment in bulk from other vendors and individuals.

Bottom line: We are one of the premier Arista vendors, and our team is ready to serve you.

What is the BrightStar Systems promise?

  • Low-priced products.Internationally known for competitively priced networking hardware and equipment.
  • Expert knowledge.Highly-trained staff is on hand to answer any questions you may have and share helpful insights.
  • Outstanding service.We provide everything you will need to make an informed Arista hardware purchase, including price lists, specs, datasheets ,and downloadable PDFs.
  • Fast, reliable shipping. We ship all over the world using only the highest quality packaging materials to ensure your products always arrive safely.
  • Tested and proven performance.Each product is tested extensively to ensure it’s performing well and is ready for use.
  • In-house warranty.All our products are backed by BrightStar Systems’ 1 Year In-House Warranty.

For more details on our sales process, read our guide to buying used networking equipment. And to learn how to get the most value when you are selling your hardware, check out our in-depth guide on selling pre-owned networking equipment.

An Arista Vendor Offering a Comprehensive Selection of Pre-owned Switches

Refurbished and Used Arista 7010T Switches

Arista 7010 Series switches are designed for high-performance networking environments, including large-scale enterprises, service providers and data centers. And, at only 1 rack unit (RU), these switches are a compact solution for networks requiring a high port density.

Arista’s 7010 Series switches have 48 standard RJ45 ports, which support up to 1G Ethernet, as well as four SFP+ ports that support up to 10G Ethernet. The SFP+ ports can be configured for both SFP and SFP+ optical transceivers.

In addition, Arista 7010T switches support both layer 2 and layer 3 forwarding, providing excellent flexibility and scalability by allowing you to design your network in the most efficient way possible.

You can buy Arista 7010T switches in two models; one is AC-powered and the other is DC-powered. Each model is available with front-to-rear and rear-to-front fans.

For more information on these switches, head to our Arista 7010 Series category page.

Used Arista 7150 Series Switches

The Arista 7150 Series includes the industry’s top-performing low latency switch — 350 nanoseconds. It meets the needs of Big Data, Financial Trading, HPCs, Cloud Centers and Data Centers, but can be used in a variety of settings. It can function in a range of densities and is known for its predictable operation.

Our 7150S switches are available in three models, with 24, 52, and 64 10G ports, respectively.

Each model supports layer 2 and layer 3 wire-speed performance. The 7150S-24 and 7150S-52 support SFP+ on all ports, and the 7150S-64 has 48 SFP+ ports and 4 QSFP+ ports. The SFP+ ports support 1G and 10G operations, and also 100MB support with 100/1000-TX transceivers.

Notable additional features for the Arista 7150 Series include:

  • Advanced traffic control
  • Monitoring features with LANZ microburst and latency analysis
  • Precision timing
  • Virtualization for data centers using VXLAN and NVGRE technologies

For more information, including in-depth specifications, check out our Arista 7150 Series category page.

Pre-owned Arista 7280 Series Switches

The Arista 7280 Series is a reputable series of switches that data centers and high-performing businesses are increasingly using to meet the needs of deep buffering and lossless forwarding.

The 7280 series also includes the industry’s first 100 G top-of-rack switch. These switches are designed for storage networks, content delivery networks and lossless spine/leaf data center designs.

We stock several Arista 7280 series switches, including the 7280CR, the 7280QR, the 7280SR and the 7280TR subseries. There are 18 models available, all measuring either 1 rack unit (RU) or 2 RU in size.

The specifications vary significantly across these 18 models, although most are designed as 10G and 100G Ethernet switches. Some models are also made with additional features, such as MACsec, — for security purposes — as well as AlgoMarch — for better power efficiency.

Notable additional features for the Arista 7280 Series include:

  • Compact and energy efficient
  • Deterministic Network Performance to eliminate head-of-line blocking and packet dropping
  • Precision timing
  • Virtualization for data centers using VXLAN and NVGRE technologies
  • CloudVision for workload automation

To learn more and view detailed specifications, head to our Arista 7280 category page.

Refurbished Arista 7050X Series Switches

The Arista 7050X Series switch is another compact and energy-efficient switch that is crucial to data centers. All of the features are built to address significant data growth, expansion of web and cloud data centers, and software-defined networking.

We sell Arista 7050X switches in more than ten different models that support 10G, as well as 40G Ethernet, which allows users to design large-scale networks. You can also buy 7050X models that are either 1 rack unit or 2 RUs and deliver high density 10G SFP+ ports and 40G QSFP+ ports.

Notable additional features for the Arista 7050X Series include:

  • Advanced traffic control
  • Dynamic buffer allocation (forwarding packets at a latency of 550 to 650 nanoseconds)
  • Scales data performance to lower operating costs
  • Virtualization for data centers using VXLAN technology
  • Precise data analysis
  • Advanced event management to respond to real-time network changes

For more information, including detailed specifications, head to our Arista 7050X category page.

Used Arista 7060X Series Switches

The Arista 7060X Series is made up of compact and flexible fixed-configuration devices that support a variety of different port configurations and Ethernet speeds.

Despite the fact these switches contain fixed ports, they all support multiple optical transceivers, which makes them more flexible than many other fixed-configuration switches.

We sell three Arista 7060X switches, including two Arista 7060X2 switches, which include an “-X2” in the model name. All three support up to 100G Ethernet, making them ideal for demanding networking environments. They are also all 1 rack unit (RU) in size, so they are extremely compact.

The biggest distinguishing factor is the port configuration on each device. Two of the three devices we sell include 32 QSFP28 ports and the other supports six. All three include multiple types of ports, such as QSFP28 and SFP+ as well as SFP28 and QSFP28, and most of those support multiple Ethernet speeds.

Notable additional features for the Arista 7060X Series include:

  • Maximum capacity of up to 6.4 Tbps
  • Supports 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G and 100G Ethernet
  • F/R and R/F airflow options
  • 450 nanosecond latency
  • Support Arista’s CloudVision to automate workflows

To learn more and to see detailed specifications, head to our Arista 7060X category page.

Pre-owned Arista 7160 Series Switches

Arista 7160 Series switches are ideal for data centers as well as large-scale enterprises. At only 1 rack unit (RU) in size, the models in this series offer excellent port density in an extremely compact design.

Data centers and enterprises are often looking to purchase Arista equipment in bulk — either to replace some damaged or outdated equipment or to expand existing network capabilities — and these switches are perfect for bulk orders as they’re compact, but they also all support Ethernet speeds of up to 100G.

We stock three Arista 7160 switches, and although all three support up to 100G Ethernet, they’re each designed with a more distinctive purpose in mind.

More specifically, one of the three models is designed primarily for 10G Ethernet, another model is designed primarily for 25G Ethernet and the third switch is designed almost solely for 100G Ethernet applications. However, all three switches support multiple Ethernet speeds. In fact, this series supports a wide range of ports, including SFP, SFP28 and QSFP28, offering plenty of deployment flexibility.

Notable additional features for the Arista 7160 Series include:

  • Maximum capacity of up to 6.4 Tbps
  • Supports 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G and 100G Ethernet
  • F/R and R/F airflow options
  • 2,000 nanosecond latency
  • Support Arista’s CloudVision to automate workflows

Learn more about these switches on our Arista 7160 Series category page.

Refurbished Arista 7170 Series Switches

The Arista 7170 Series is comprised solely of 100G Ethernet switches. While both are designed to take up minimal space inside a hardware rack, having two models to choose from still gives you the ability to opt for size over port density, or the other way around. Whatever works best for your networking needs.

The two Arista 7170 models that are available at BrightStar Systems both support 100G Ethernet. The biggest difference between the two models is the port density. In the model measuring 2 rack units (RU), you essentially get double the number of 100G Ethernet ports. However, the other available model measure only 1 RU in size, making it an extremely compact option for small spaces.

Other than the port density, and the specifications — e.g. maximum capacity — that are affected by those respective densities, the two Arista 7170 models we sell are incredibly similar. And they all run on the same EOS software as the other models, making it easier to simplify your network administration.

Notable additional features for the Arista 7170 Series include:

  • Maximum capacity of up to 12.8 Tbps
  • Supports 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G and 100G Ethernet
  • F/R and R/F airflow options
  • 800 nanosecond latency
  • Support Arista’s CloudVision to automate workflows

For more information on these switches, head to our Arista 7170 Series category page.

Used Arista Transceivers & Pre-owned Cables to Boost Networking Performance

With a growing number of applications for its products, Arista offers a range of transceivers and cables to standardize, boost power efficiency and support a range of media types.

Fiber and copper connectivity supports these products. Arista offers 100G, 40G, 25G, 10G, and 1G models, so application use is very flexible. We sell Arista transceivers and cables featuring a wide variety of specifications, including high-density and low-power to ensure effectiveness and cost reduction.

As one of the premier Arista distributors, we offer all of these solutions and more. To make us your Arista supplier, request your quote today.

And if you’re looking for a particular pre-owned or refurbished Arista switch model or part number, contact one of our sales representatives to find out if we have it in stock.